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Hololens Development

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I was at the HoloLens hackathon too! I agree with all of the points you brought up.


There were two big issues that bothered me:

  1. The deployment process is so time consuming sometimes, which makes iterating on things kind of a pain. To test on the device, you must hit build in Unity, then open the Visual Studio project and build that, then deploy to the HoloLens device over USB. I wasted a lot of time early on trying to get my holograms to look just right in the headset, but I soon learned that I should have looked for more clever ways to iterate as much as possible within Unity before deploying to the device. At one point we finished the project early ("early" in that we didn't need an all-nighter on Saturday night) and I considered making something random for fun instead of going to sleep, but I chose not to because I dreaded the thought of staying up all night looking at the deployment loading bar. D:
  2. I couldn't quite figure out how to wear the device right? Maybe my head is too big, or oddly shaped, but I kept wishing for an overhead strap.

But overall it was really awesome. I just want to keep playing with it, to be honest, to see what sorts of weird hologram-related things I can make.

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I wasn't at the event!


Reading these posts reminds me of when Marmalade SDK would involve deploying over USB via some tool, a lot less frustrating to just try stuff in the simulator. But over time the process became a lot easier as the deployment tool improved. But still not exactly like say Wii Homebrew where you just press Ctrl-R and the code is on a Wii in a second.


It would be nice to try VR one day, I've only wanted to for about three decades.

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