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The Big List of Names

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I have been coming up with cool sounding names for game objects since I was little. Whether it's a sword, a spear, a battleship, or an imperial city, I am a sucker for really awesome names in video games. I want to share some of the best of the best I have come up with (or heard) over the years. Any name you think is memorable is fair game, even if it seems ridiculous. Please share yours! * Farstucker (originally a Lords of Acid album- now the name of a spear) * Splin'Tor (cheeky play on words. Name for a small sharp object (dagger)) * Scienter (means "evil intent" in jurisprudence) * Pontifex ( cool sounding name for a ship) * Excelsior (means, roughly, "wood shavings used in shipping". Cool ship name) * Imperator (roman word meaning "commander". A precursor to the word "emperor". Cool ship name) * Executor (the flagship of the imperial fleet. you see a theme here...) * Mens rae (in jurisprudence, knowing that a particular thing is going to happen. A stealthy weapon) * Belias Tor (the name of a mountain pass in Final Fantasy Tactics. I have used endless variations of this very cool sounding name) * Crypt & Confidential (you could not possibly guess the deep significance of this phrase, and I do not dare to elaborate) * Dr. Fist (don't even ask...) * Noiragfag (Gafgarion spelled backwards (FFT) source of endless hilarity) * Terra _____ (use of "Terra" as a surname for cities (i.e. "Terra Letta", "Terra Bithia") * kaclys (hero name)

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