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dynamic object in oct/qt?

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i have a simple scene graph,  which can hold dynamic or static object.

If i place the object into the oct/qt , how to effective find which oct/qt node an dynamic object is attached when the object move?

I know a slow implementation is to detach the object from where it attach and insert to the tree again..

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Probably your implementation is slow because you allocate / deallocate the memory for nodes?

Just a guess, but if you use a preallocated pool of fixed size memory the problem may go away (but it's some additional work).


To find nodes to delete, you can decrease a content counter in the leaving object node and its parents.

Detach all nodes from the tree where the counter hits zero.


To find nodes to create, first find the closest existing mode and create new nodes as you go, that can be pretty fast:

QuadTreeNode *node = quattree.rootNode;
for (int level = quattree.rootLevel; level > objectTargetLevel; level--) // assuming the object already knows the tree level it wants to go
int childIndex = ( ((object.x >> level)&1) | (((object.y >> level)&1)<<1); // find child assuming integer coords and consistent ordering of children in space
if (!node->childPointers[childIndex]) quattree.CreateChild (node, childIndex);
node = node->childPointers[childIndex];
AddObject (node, object);
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