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[Point and click] Where is my family PC MAC & LINUX

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I develop my adventure game "Where's My Family", scheduled for September 2016 on Windows, Linux and Mac.

The story :

Ben, 12 years old, comes home after school. Because of his poor grades in school, his mom locks him in his room for the rest of the day.

A few hours later, when everything is quiet in the house, an intruder breaks in and kidnaps his mother and his little brother.

Locked in his room, Ben is unable to help them.

What to do? Call the police? Call his dad?

Adventurous and full of courage, he starts to investigate by himself and plans to find out the cause of their kidnapping.



Where is my family is a point and click game in the 3rd person. The puzzles are designed to be logical and always relevant to the story. Forget the point and click games asking you to combine any pair of random items. Play naturally as if you were in place of the character.

The gameplay is easy: Move the character with a mouse click, collect objects and clues and investigate to find his parents

Highlights of the game:

- Game available on Windows, Linux and Mac. A version is planned on Android and Ios if the goal is reached.
- More than 270 objets.
- More than 36 rooms.
- The musics of the final version are composed entirely on the basis of the story.
- Each in-game location has specific sound effects and ambient sounds.
- The game features a particle system.
- The graphics and characters were rendered in HD images and then implemented in the game.

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Making of 3D room (timelapse). « "From 3D modeling to the game" :)


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Several people have asked me about the content of the game and focus on the age group allowed to play.

Although the scenario seems tragic, the game contains no violence, and is for all ages. the script contains a lot of humor and is "safe" to do no shock people and to allow everyone to have fun for many hours. game guaranteed without violence!

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Important decision about my point and click "Where is my family"


About me : My name is Joel Keutgen, passionate of computers and point and click games since I was 15y (I'm now 44). I started alone this project, helped by various people for music, voice and sound effects. The project's success will increase my motivation. You offer the full game filled me with joy. My wish is to share my improvements on the game and give you lots of fun with this game.


Until today, it was planned commercialization of the game and win a crownfunding campaign to help me improve it and market the game.


But after several sleepless nights have thought, and after receiving the advice of professionals, I decided:


- Do not worry, I continue the development of the game.

- The improvements are all valid and the final version will contain important improvements, both in the entertainment and the content in general.

- I will continue to inform you of the development. I invite you to subscribe to my website http://wimfgame.com or my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wimfgames/.


Finally, nothing changes except that:


- A team will be created, with a real structure that will allow us to offer new games, with better quality.

- "Where is my family" will be available free on Windows, Mac and Linux.

- A second game  is already in preparation.


To enable me to achieve all that, I have created a donation system on my website for support me, help to finalize this game and allow our future team to create other games.


And also help us, thank you all to share this information;)


Thank you all to follow me for so long.


Soon for further information about the Dev and the release of the game :)




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Since July 1, the new demo is available. Here are new compared to the old version:

- Character improved, better integrated with sets of the game.
- New character animations.
- Adding facial animations.
- Ben's house was the only place in the playable old demo version (1.06). The new demo now included 3 different locations (5 additional playable rooms). Now a total of 9 playable locations. The final version will exceed 40 rooms.
- New start and options menu.

Corrections :

- Savegame problem fixed.
- Size of graphics and animations optimized.
- Various pathfinding problems solved.
- Exit icon in the examination of objects completely redone.
- Set of bug fixes

The free game is scheduled for September 2016.

Demo available on http://wimfgame.com



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Hi everybody :)

Latest news on my point and click game « Where is my family »


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Small launch gift :) Try to win a T-shirt of the game "Where is my family" by participating in the contest

Good luck to everyone ;)


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