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[Durango] Finished Design, Unfinished Game

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Greeting Gamedev Community!


I'd like to introduce the game that I created. It called Durango




What Is This?

It's an Action-Adventure, Driving Games. It was inspired from retro driving game such as Reflection Driver: You Are The Wheelman and has some influence from original Grand Theft Auto. Like many other focused-driving games, you can't get out from the car but you can change your car. It was set in USA during 1980's



Standard feature for many Action-Adventure Driving including completing primary mission to progress the game. There is two version for this game, the small one for mobile phone and large one for PC or Console. The most notable different between these two is the mobile got linear gameplay and the large hardware got Open World ability so player can explore the world including doing some side mission to earn more money. Both version will have special mission type which I called "Catch The Beat". It has same principle as Rayman Legends music level but this one is driving cars instead running.


The Game

As you can see in screenshot below, the game was largely unfinished. Not even close to Pre-Alpha game.










This is screenshot for mobile version. It has Top-Down Perspective Camera (like I said before, influenced by original GTA).


The main reason behind all of this is mainly because I'm all alone in this game development. No Studio, no other person than me. The only help that I get is from my best friend who do the coding. Other reasons beside that is because none of my fellow countryman not interested to help me develop this game. I try to seek the help from outside my country but before I continue my effort, I wanted to ask your opinion. Not in gameplay mechanical, but in design and main idea of this game. If this good, I will continue to seek a help to make sure this game complete but if not, I will bury this one.


Here's the gameplay video:


To tell you the truth, there is some cuts on the video. It's not because it's CTD or crash, it's because the I crashed my car into the wall. The music are made by me.


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