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2D Skew Matrix

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Hi guys,


I'm working on a 2D demo and am trying to create a skew matrix, to achieve effects similar to those authored in flash.


As far as i understand, the actual skew matrix is created like so:

float xSkew = 0.0; // Some Angle
float ySkew = 0.0; // Some Angle

mat3 trans = mat3(
  1.0       , tan(xSkew), 0.0,
  tan(ySkew), 1.0,        0.0,
  0.0       , 0.0,        1.0

But i'm not sure where in the matrix multiplication order skew would come in. My best guess is Scale-Rotate-Skew-Translate but skewing before the translation might not work the way i expect it. Does anyone have any insight to this? Maybe some links to some good articles, i couldn't find anything in-depth on google.

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After coding it out, it seems like the order is to skew first, scale second, then rotate and finally translate.

private void OnSetTransform(ControlBase control) {
    Matrix4 translate = Matrix4.Translate(new Vector3(tX.Value, tY.Value, tZ.Value));
    Matrix4 pitch = Matrix4.XRotation(rX.Value);
    Matrix4 yaw = Matrix4.YRotation(rY.Value);
    Matrix4 roll = Matrix4.ZRotation(rZ.Value);
    Matrix4 scale = Matrix4.Scale(new Vector3(sX.Value, sY.Value, sZ.Value));

    // SRT: scale first, rotate second, translate last!
    Matrix4 rotate = roll * pitch * yaw;
    Matrix4 model = translate * rotate * scale;

    Matrix4 skewMatrix = new Matrix4(
        1f, (float)System.Math.Tan(wX.Value * rads), 0f, 0f,
        (float)System.Math.Tan(wY.Value * rads), 1f, 0f, 0f,
        0f, 0f, 1f, 0f,
        0f, 0f, 0f, 1f);

    renderMatrix = model * skewMatrix;

This for now seems to do what i want it to. But if anyone has anything to add here, i'd really appreciate that.


PS, i came to the above conclusion after reading this:


Which lead me to a nifty resource, this:


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