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Shubhagata Mittal

The need for innovative games

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About the team:

We are a team of a programmer and a designer and have been building games for Android/ iOS for the past few months. As a programmer with expertise in AI, I always look for novel ideas and understand the importance of sustained user- engagement through a game that aims to become successful in the tremendously crowded marketplace and a demanding audience.  


About the game

The game is called Mean Machines and we published it on the Play Store only quite recently. The idea, broadly, was to offer an action-racing or crash-racing game to mobile users in a compact, pick-up-and-play format and make the genre more accessible to users who aren't tremendously experienced with racing/ driving games.

In its current incarnation, the game offers a set of challenges in the way of seasons and an endless-play mode called the Carnage Mode. The first season is now completed and features 18 action-packed challenges where the player selects a "Machine" and goes into battle against enemy machines of varying difficulty and styles. The Carnage Mode is more action-oriented and offers a quick way of earning virtual currency, experience a greater variety of enemies and other new features which are always first deployed in our endless mode before making their way into the challenges. We also maintain an FB-connected global learderboard for the endless mode.


We consider Mean Machines as our first serious project and our efforts for its improvement and addition of new material and features are a continuing endeavour. Currently into its 3rd month since launch, Mean Machines has approximately 700 users globally, all of whom were acquired without any noteworthy marketing. More importantly, the general feedback from most users has been quite positive and our numbers show a high level of user engagement (40 consecutive days, in some cases) despite the fact that we still need to do much more to add to the longevity of this game and have more content.


Try out our game and leave feedbacks as comments below.

Link to Playstore:https://goo.gl/1tF51K


Link to promotional video: 



Famousdogg Studios


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