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MIGHT - Team Arena Brawler

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Hello, hello!
I'm a game designer for a small Swedish game development studio that is working hard on soon releasing our first game, MIGHT, on STEAM.
We're planning on hitting Greenlight in a matter of days and then we'll head to Early Access before launching. During the EA phase we'll be updating the game a lot, releasing more classes for free and we'll stay in Discord and communicate as much as possible with our players. We're not interested in locking the game behind huge paywalls or tiresome grinds. We just want to bring a fun game to fans of this genre and hope that's enough to keep us afloat clear.png
Please check us out and stay tuned for Greenlight soon!
  • Battle in exciting team versus team combat against players around the world
  • Choose from many different classes, each with their own unique playstyle
  • Classes are easy to pick up and play, but take time to master
  • A unique graphical style with a hand-painted feel
  • Dedicated servers to ensure good connectivity between all players
  • Netcode optimized for low ping and instant response to player actions
  • Compete in the seasonal rankings or play just for fun
  • Fair matchmaking that pits you against players of your own skill level
  • Earn unique titles, avatars and in-game cosmetics
In MIGHT two teams are pitted against each other in fair and fast-paced arena combat. No parts of the game are locked away behind a tiresome grind - once you start playing MIGHT you have access to all classes, from the in-your-face Ravager to the strategic Hunter that rather picks off his enemies from a distance.
Whether you just want to have some fun with a couple of friends or try to fight your way to the top of the leaderboards, MIGHT will have something for you.
With in-game cosmetic rewards, titles and player portraits you will be able to show off your achievements as well as your own personal style.
Read the FAQ
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Email us at development [at] ff-games dot [com]
Chat with us on our discord server
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We'll be sending out the first keys to the first couple of people that have registered already very soon :) Going to schedule a first playtime this weekend to try and get some 3vs3's going and as long as things look good we're planning on getting it on Greenlight on Monday or Tuesday most likely.
When it gets on Greenlight we should be getting a huge boost in activity too so that will be fun!
Today we're working on some changes to the map as well as a new look for our Pyromancer class. It's only been half a day since we've announced the game to the world but the response has been really nice and we're excited to see people get into the game this weekend. 

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MIGHT's beta has gone live and we've already had a lot of enthusiastic testers join to try it out on day one. It's been a blast and we're really grateful to everyone that is signing up and providing feedback.
If you want to get in on the action then sign up for the beta at getmight.com!
Here's a short video of some footage from some of the first online battles that have ever taken place in our game:

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We released our third patch yesterday. The Patch Notes can be read over at our forums.
Today I am editing some of the footage from our first beta days and prepping a Greenlight trailer. We're also working hard on another patch with a lot of Quality of Life changes and some balance tweaks.
A lot of menu elements such as chat windows, friends list and game lobbies are being worked on as well and being able to test them out in real "live" situations where people are queuing and you're inviting new people into your friends list and your game lobbies have really helped us see exactly what quality of life changes needs to be made.
Our re-worked Druid now with a neat little staff
Lastly I wanted to show you guys a little video from yesterdays beta weekend event. We had a lot of fun matches going on for quite a few hours. Here's one round from one of the matches, unedited to show all the gameplay:

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Play test schedule:
*** Saturday June 11th EU (6 PM GMT) & NA (8 PM EDT) Event ***
MIGHT beta is coming along nicely and we have had a big influx of testers this week. We've received lots of great feedback from you guys which is always appreciated. This Saturday, June 11th, we will have our second scheduled play-test. For this event we will have two different times for European and North American players. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to play the game with a bunch of other people. 
The EU event will start at 6 PM GMT (see here for local times).
The NA event will start at 8 PM EDT (see here for local times).
All you have to do to join in on the testing events is to start the game, log in and queue for a 3vs3 game! If there's any questions then feel free to ask them in this thread or hop into our Discord server and talk with us directly!
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We have released MIGHT's latest patch. You can read in detail about patch on our forums.
The main highlight of our latest patch is the Witch Doctor, our new class and second healer/hybrid alongside the Druid.
The Witch Doctor excels at healing wounded party members with his main ability Infusion.
He can, however, also step into the fray to damage and debuff his opponents. When the Witch Doctor enters into the midst of combat he will use his Lacerate ability that can quickly slash up to three times, damaging his enemies and applying a Damage over Time effect to them. If he hits all three attack he will heal himself to allow him to stay at melee range if he so chose.
To handle pressure we've given him the Drain Soul ability that will allow him to siphon the life force from his enemies, taking their HP and movement speed for himself. This effect increases the more enemies he hits so to clump up while facing a Witch Doctor can quickly become very dangerous.
On top of this he has the ability to possess an enemy causing them to walk towards the Witch Doctor. This can be used to pull a weaker enemy away from his tank and into danger.
Lastly, his ultimate is called Hex and is a very fearsome display of dark magic. With Hex the Witch Doctor will curse one enemy, making him unable to use any spells for the duration of the effect as well as suffer vastly slower movement speed!
We think the Witch Doctor will be warmly welcomed into many different group compositions and we're looking forward to seeing him being played in the arena. 
You can join the MIGHT beta and test the Witch Doctor out against other players in our scheduled play test this Saturday, June 11th. Details on our website

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MIGHT is now on Steam Greenlight!
Today is a big day for us now that MIGHT is live on Steam Greenlight. I would ask you to please help us get through as fast as possible so we can get the released game into your hands!
Support us by voting HERE
See you in game!

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Wow!  Looks very professional, I love the stylized graphics.  I voted over on Steam.

Thanks for your support! We're keeping on working hard on it and another patch is soon incoming :)

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