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KronixGames PRESENTS: The FALLEN "Miami devistation" (Tell us if you like it or not) REVIEWS PLZ

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The fallen will be a open world 3rd person shooter that takes place in Miami Florida. You the character is named Nico. Your job is to investigate what has happened to Miami. The reason of this is because a war broke out and then a virus broke all over the world except Miami. So you check it out.


This game will have:

Multiplayer campaign. 2-30 players/friends

Singleplayer campaign. 1-2 Slitscreen

Co-op campaign - 2-6 players/friends

BattleDome - Survival based horde mode of either bots, zombies/infected or the redisonse "New German army"


If you guys can give me some ideas about the game.

Tell me if you like the idea. The support will be helpful.

We hope you enjoyed. CYA next update!!!


There will be clans, shops, and even buildings in the city of Miami witch you can buy for yourself or your clan.

There is going to be so cool if we can make it. But we need to know if you guys want a game like that.

So if you do like the idea tell us in a reply.

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