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Idea for a survival game

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Greetings. I want to start of stating that I have no expectations for this idea of mine. I have had dreams from a young age to get a foot in the game industry, when I began 3D modeling. Not knowing how to follow that dream at the time, mixed with doubts, I held myself back. Now I realize I have to follow those dreams. Last year I bought a 3D printer and have been making all sorts of parts and ornamental things for people. Yesterday I completed my first job on upwork, so I am feeling pretty confident. I like creating 3d printed stuff allot but I think my heart is in game assets and game design.


So lately all I play are multiplayer survival games. The game mechanics of survival games can invoke some internal primal emotions. It started with Minecraft, but I got really hooked on Unturned, which is like a cross between Minecraft and Dayz. Despite the not so intimidating blocky zombies and players, the atmosphere was intense. It forces you to stay on your toes and be aware of the world around you every second. You have to gauge what you need for survival. I had never played a game where normal every day items like backpacks become so essential.


The Multiplayer aspect was important. Not just because you felt like you had tiptoe everywhere from fear of a sniper, but there was a social aspect. You could speak through your mic to people that were nearby. It had dynamic range which gave a realistic aspect, creating a friend or foe meeting experience when meeting people. Some people were friendly, and would even agree to work together, other people just shoot on site. SOME people would trick you, pretend to be your friend only to backstab you when you least suspected it..... This created allot of chaos and allot of funny random situations. Sometimes you just never knew what was going to happen. Sometimes you even make some really good friends.


As a whole the game is great. It focuses on guns allot, however, and I think it can draw away from the survival aspect. Once allot of players on the map have sniper rifles and night vision with camouflage gear, and you have enough food to last all day, It essentially becomes just another first person shooter.


I find the most unique combat experiences in unturned happen between people just using melee weapons and traps against each other, although I find the melee system to be over simple and boring.


SO This Survival game of mine would be focused on an intense melee combat system, while using other basic skills like traps and thrown items to survive against players. The player will have a grab button, a throw button, a kick button, and a block/ special button. You can grab random objects like rocks and sticks and and throw them to defend yourself. You can also stun people by kicking them, or grab people and throw them to the ground.


If you have played a game called rune, you will be familiar to its melee system. Instead of hitting people with your crosshair, it used hit box colliders, The weapons had to physically pass through the enemy hit boxes to complete an attack. If you walk left and attack, your character performs a left swing, standing still and attacking performs an overhead strike. Attacks made in midair performed a special jump attack. When 2 players attacked eachother at the same time the swords would sometimes rebound against eachother. It also had the throw button. The only problem was the spaminess of the melee attacks, which could potentially be controlled with an energy bar.


Guns might not be in the game, If they were, they would be very very difficult to attain, like a super rare spawn. Bows would be in but they should be hard to find/ make. Slingshots would be your bread and butter ranged weapon, whilst throwing a rock in someones face would be a more effective way to kill.


The main thing is I want battles to be long a drawn out to create a sense of hopeless desperation, with players using all sorts of tactics to try and take out the enemy, instead of just 1 shot head kill, or having a more epic sword.


Interacting with objects and the environment with grab/ throb/ kick could produce different actions, too. Kicking a log to get it rolling down a hill over a person, kicking a coconut to shake it out of a tree, grabbing and pulling a branch off a tree, kick a rock at someone. Grab also acts as catch for things getting thrown at you. You could grab a door to stop a player from going through, then kick or throw it in their face and knock them over.


I want the levels to be dense. In Unturned the maps are pretty flat and barren. A dense jungle would be ideal. Plenty of places to hide.


Players would spawn all in the same place, rather than randomly around the map. This would be a focus point on the map, which could be a friendly zone, or a super chaotic noob spawn battle zone. You know you want the latter.


For the Initial release I would keep everything as simple as possible, focusing on the combat mechanics and environment interaction. Crafting would be simple and minimal, as would the hunger system. Later on more elaborate and unique features could be implemented. 


I am a bit grey on NPC's. Zombies are kind of silly, I would rather have dangerous wild animals, with some neutral animals for ambience/ hunting. AI complicates things allot and potentially could be left out of the initial release.


So thats my concept. If I were to work on this project, I would like to crank out a very basic release, and from there update with more features. I think its a solid concept that doesn't rely a time consuming development to get out. I would need help from a programmer, I know some basic programming, and have gotten pretty far in Unity, but I would rather focus on graphics. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, let me know what you think, and potential difficulties or flaws that I am overlooking.

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