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Drulan - Player driven indie game

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Hello there Game dev Folks , i'm here today to show you the game we are working on with my team at the Octogames Studio.
Welcome to Drulan, world of possibilities. This game is a player driven sandbox mmorpg inspired by Ultima online. We are here to make inspiring game environment for players to enjoy deep rich MMO experience with colorful game universe.
[drulan youtube trailer]
Unfortunately the forum didn't let me add image telling me that's not allowed so go check our website for screenshots
Game Backstory
After explorers just recently found this unknown land, people from the old continent started to colonize its shores. Drulan is a distant vast land mass full of wonders, riches and mystery. As a player you have travelled overseas to make it as your own new home. You discover, hunt, gather, form guilds, rule the land and be in the middle of the action.
Game Features
?Classless progression
No rigid class system.  Equipment determines your role and players are encouraged to experiment. In the game's own words, "You are what you wear".
?Player driven economy
Gather resources and craft items. ALL items and buildings are crafted by players. Players can even create their own farms!
?Full loot MMORPG
Death is kind of a big deal in Drulan and it means players can have all their items looted upon death.
?Player built cities
Build your very own house and decorate it however you like. Players can also create their own cities and villages as well as battle other guilds over in-game territory.
Each player will influence the world by his actions and decisions  but not only by the game mechanics , everyone will be able to create a pool on the forum of new features or event to happend ingame and if it get enough vote point it will be on the queue for future updates from the dev team. Also some ingame events will call for actions from the players and based on the choice they do the world and storyline will change.
If you are looking for a game in which your actions have direct impact to the world, this is the game for you.
Build a legacy for yourself though fame and fortune, and see the world evolvement of the world.

Drulan offers a High Fantasy MMORPG Open World inspired by old school MMORPGs like Ultima Online and Mortal Online with a small base lore that is driven by the community.  The world will be shaped by the actions of the many heroes and villains that came to the land.


In Drulan Land, the initial players will be the pioneers in a new and unknown world.

Founding the first settlement and deciding on what to do from there, remain or decide to

Venture off elsewhere. This is not to say the world is empty with the exception of players and animals. There are other races and realms out there, friendly, self-serving, militant, or just plain evil.


Time move on, bringing with it new advances of technology, magic, economics and politics. Advances are likely to be slow. Traveling to far off lands may be needed to gain that bit of knowledge, and once obtained it is up to the player to decide what to do with it.


If you are looking for a game in which your actions have direct impact to the world, where you are able to build a legacy for yourself though fame and fortune, and have a word in the evolution of the world, this is the game for you.

We are working on this game since 2014 with several breaks between.
Pretty much all our server system is ready and functionnal , we allready have all the main gameplay functions ready and playable , our database is functionnal and build to easily sort out thousand of users.
Now we are working on the level design , graphical part , animations and effects and for sure always on some coding and gameplay implementation
Since i didn't wanted to copy paste pages and pages of texts explaining how the game work , and what will happend (economy,skills,gameplay,etc...) i invite you to check it directly on our website right here :
You're Excited?
You can find all the latest news and features on our website
Do follow us in Facebook and Twitter where we release regular weekly updates!
In youtube we share various videos along the way. Subscribe us there!
What I can do to help?
Sharing the word about the game is highly appreciated! Tell to your friends, share in social media and let the world know! You shall be part of the first colonization of Drulan!
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