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M.T.S. - Metal Time Squad

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M.T.S. - Metal Time Squad

M.T.S - Metal Time Squad (from here MTS) is a platformer - shooter, with a story inspired by the detective movies set in the 80s-90s.


We are in the 80s, a company called "Metal Time Squad" is a special police corporation that uses a new armor prototype called Metal Time Machine (M.T.M.) that allows control of the time and space, although in a limited way. Jack is a veteran of the war, a former Green Beret, is a detective M.T.S., who is following a case of contraband. It will become clear that the case will lead to international security issues.

Storyboard WIP 1


In the very first prototype, some features are: machine gun fire + camera shake if projectile hits something, particles (rain, explosions, fire, effect power ups), physical objects (boxes flying in the air), real-time lighting and motion blur.
At the beginning of each level the player starts with no armor, you must take the power up to equip the M.T.M. armor. If you suffer from too many hits, the armor vanishes and you are vulnerable (a bit like Ghosts' n Goblins).
With the armor the player have access to the Portal Gun, which allows you to teleport creating two portals which are linked to each other (basically like the game Portal). During the portal selection mode, the time slows down to allow the player to choose where to place the portals.
You can escape from danger:
Redirect the projectiles of the enemy against him:
And trap the enemy in a vertical loop:

Tech Demo












Please support me with a like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/metaltimesquad/

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