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Vladimir Anisimov

[IndieGoGo] District 255. The secrets of Beytsuhe

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Hi! Here I decided to represent my small game for you. This game is constructing with all standard assets placed in Cryengine EaaS.
The game is about a place called "District 255". This place that you have come to will help you earn money for you to solve some problems with creditors. 
Based on a true story. Some names have been changed.


1947 year
Primorsky region. February 12, 1947. 10:35 am. Residents of the village, with the Chinese name Beytsuhe, were doing their household chores and did not even know what they will see in next three minutes.
Exactly at 10:38 the whole area was stirred up with a strong roar, resembling an explosion of artillery shells. People thought that the war began again. But they were wrong. It strong roar was from a fallen, near the village, meteorite, which weighs as scientists have assumed, was about 100 tons. Shock and roar was so strong that many of the houses lost its windows glass. All the Ussuri taiga felt the consequences of the fall of the cosmic body.
Artist Peter Volkov watched the meteorite fall just at the moment when he drew his picture. This is a fascinating spectacle prompted him to capture the last journey of a meteorite on the same canvas. Later, in 1957 the USSR was published a postage stamp created on the basis of this picture.
The first who have found a place of falling were pilots of the Far Eastern Geological Survey, who were returning from a mission. They also reported the news to guide management in Khabarovsk. And in April 1947, was organized a special group of employees of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, as well as three employees of the Far Eastern base USSR Academy of Sciences Academician VL Komarov and three members of the Institute of Astronomy and Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, and sent on an expedition under the leadership of Basil Fesenkov - chairman of the Committee on meteorites - to collect parts of that meteorite. The overall composition of the expedition was determined to 9 people.
Here are some log of the expedition, recorded by the end of May 1947: "Some of the parts of the meteorite were scattered in the forest on an area in the form of an ellipse with the major axis of about 10 kilometers in length. At the head of the ellipse of scattering, an area of about one square kilometer, known as crater field, was discovered 106 craters and craters with a diameter of 1 to 28 meters, the depth of the  biggest funnel reaches 6 meters.
By chemical analysis, Sikhote-Alin meteorite consists of 94% iron, 5.5% nickel, 0.38% cobalt and small amounts of carbon, chlorine, phosphorus and sulfur. According to some estimates, the total mass of debris is estimated at 60-100 tons. We have collected more than 3500 fragments of a total weight of 27 tons. The largest fragment has a mass of 1745 kg. Others - 1000, 700, 500, 450, and 350 kg and less.
Another important and mysterious discovery was that each found piece exuded the energy of unknown origin. All who with bare hands touched the stones and held them for a long time in the hands or clothes inside after a while felt dizzy, and some even received temporary insanity, they did not know where they are and what their names are. The effect disappears within a few hours after the pieces were placed back into the container with the protection from radiation."
June 20, 1947, in connection with the detection of abnormal properties of the meteorite by the commander of headquarter of Primorsky Military District, on the orders of General Secretary of the CPSU IV Stalin, an additional group was established, which took over all further work on finding the remaining pieces. The military organized the construction of the B-255 laboratory to study anomalies of fallen meteorite. The entire area within a radius of 35 kilometers was cordoned off by a fence, by towers and sentries around the perimeter. The area was called by code-named "District 255", means region 25 of USSR, 5 levels of secrecy.
1956 year
For unknown reasons, First Secretary of the CPSU Khrushchev ordered to close the investigation of District 255 and overnight evacuated all personnel and all external protection consisting of conscripts. Leaving only a special unit of the KGB, which performed small tasks for conservation of the property.
1985 year
Due to the fact that military activity has ceased to be visible to the local residents, the latter saw an opportunity to capitalize on the remaining fragments, that have not yet been collected. People began to any means to penetrate into the territory of the cordon and begun digging those meteorite pieces by using metal detectors. On the black market the pieces of the meteorite might be sold for a lot of money, the cost is enormous, because of the complexity of their finding, but it does not stop neither customers nor hunters for profit. Local people became to name the parts of the fallen meteorite "stones".
1986 year
Having tried a lot of work and odd jobs, but did not find his place in this world you have almost completely lost their faith in a brighter future. At the same time debt collection agencies have started ringing you on your past debts. Now you urgently need to get a large sum of money, but not having a job you have only one way out - a long time ago, when you were still a teenager, your father told you about the military base of the B-255, at which he passed military service in 1954. One night, in 1956, the base was evacuated quickly, almost everything was left in place, weapons, equipment, and possibly important documents related to the investigations of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite. Why nobody worried for their safety your father did not know, but he knew only that no troops were sent there. Also during the service his father heard that a base has another object - B-255O - a research center for military purposes. But during the evacuation nobody saw any faces, which could serve and work in that secret place. So you decide to go in search of the B-255O to steal there more or less valuable good.
You arrive at a place just when other hunters for treasures and daredevils already in full force looking for the same object that you are. They all want to find it. Sly dealers even have organized a point of sale of weapons and ammunition required for newly arrived looters, and even produced a particularly insightful bullets from those fragments of the meteorite, so no infantry armor could not withstand such bullets. After wandering around for a couple of days and getting some minimum required equipment, you have found out enough to go in search of the entrance to the secret facility.
Perform missions is your main task. Do not get caught the eye of criminals and roadblocks or you will die, but may be you will stay alive
Remember!!! Used assets is fully supplied with the engine.
The software part is written myself, or use ready-made entities of the engine, that are also standard. Additional entities also appended as needed.
Remember, everything is created solely from standard tools of CE3 and the elements of the Cryengine Community.
Respectfully, Aevien   :)) 
Here are some screens
I have also decided to make Indiegogo campaign to get money for some hardware. This hardware will help me to improve development process. If you wish to help me with this, I would be very glad. Here is the page of my campaign
If you have any questions, please, ask me!

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This looks fantastic!  It reminds me of the STALKER series, which is not only a good thing, it's a great thing!  The concern is whether it will live up to that expectation, which I strongly hope it does.  Looks amazing in CryEngine.  I hope you are successful :)

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This looks fantastic!  It reminds me of the STALKER series, which is not only a good thing, it's a great thing!  The concern is whether it will live up to that expectation, which I strongly hope it does.  Looks amazing in CryEngine.  I hope you are successful :)


Thanks! I think the game will be finished, no doubt, but your help would be very good here!



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Here is a real video of news about seekers of this meteorite. In video, first old man is a father of my sister husband. The seeker with a metal detector equipment is husband of my sister.




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