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Half-Life MOD

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I don''t know if it''ll work, but it''s probably against the license to produce or distribute modifications of the demo version. Usually the EULA requires the registered version if you want to modify the game.

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No one knows. None of them.

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Yes, but there''s a problem.

The .PAK file with Uplink - that is, the file containing all the models, sounds, etc. will only contain the ones used in the demo, to keep things small. The texture wads will only contain the used textures.

So, you''d need to build your own game definition (FGD) file. The best way to do it is this:
1) Make a copy of the existing half-life.fgd
2) Get Pak Explorer from somewhere, and open pak0.pak in the valve folder
3) Go through the FGD, and for each entry, look for it in the PAK. If you can''t find it, it''s not in the demo. So take it out.

The only major problem with doing this is that there are plenty of effects and brush-based entities that may be in the FGD but won''t be in the PAK, simply because there is no resources with them.

No, in final consideration, you''re better off getting the full copy. It''s a great game anyway.

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