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2d animation using unity

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I'm super noob. Can I draw a picture and scan it into gimp then make adjustments, then use image on unity? After that, how do i ake the animation move? I don't want pixel. It moves and looks like angry birds, plants vs zombies. That type. All it looks like they did was adjust the image. I'm pretty sure there is a program that helps with this. Otherwise it would take forever. What steps do I take?

I want to start building games. All the help I can get would be appreciated. ;) I have a new game that should not be hard to make. After a few stages I build I plan on tossing a kick starter and some YouTube videos to get people excited. :) You guys rock!

Maybe I should have gpogled my question or even you tubed it. I probably can just get answers there. :/

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You either need to create multiple images for each animation, or use another tool to create this specific type of animation for you.

If you create the images yourself, each image of the animation is called a frame, and you'll need to create as many frames as there are changes in the graphics. You then need to, in code, drive that animation (by telling the object which image it should be using, based on e.g. elapsed time, or something else).

(Note that the different frames can be either 1 image per frame, or 1 big image containing all the frames in the animation.)


There are also certain changes you can do directly in Unity with a single graphic -- scaling and rotating spring to mind.


If you choose to use a different tool to create the animations, check out Spine. I'm not entirely familiar with the details of it, but it can be used in Unity and seems to fit the animation style you mentioned.


Maybe I should have gpogled my question

Yes, you should. If you want to make a game, you can't be too lazy to do a bit of research on your own. Especially given how just putting your subject into Google brings up quite a lot of relevant hits.

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