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Steelbound Sky - SHMUP x Touch Controls! Manipulate the Wind!

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Latest update is live!





Steelbound Sky is a game which combines the intricacy of traditional shoot 'em ups with a contemporary control scheme. Players create wind streams, temporary bursts of versatile currents, to manipulate enemies and their projectiles. Wind streams can be drawn consecutively, at varying lengths and used in combination to alter enemy patterns. Mastering the wind art is necessary to protect the town that is under constant siege from the surrounding hazards. Using enemies' own powers against them is an integral mechanic to control the skies, and offers a fresh experience to all players.


----- Articles & Commentaries -----

"Steelbound Sky by Witherwood Studios is a fresh new take on the traditional shoot-em-up genre. If you love those arcade shooters, but have wanted some different gameplay for the genre, then look no further than Steelbound Sky."


"It's a great mechanic and it provides immediate, exciting and tense experience with tons of last seconds moments where you are the brink of death but you still make it out alive. It's really cool and gives you a great feeling of accomplishment every time you beat a level." 



Version 2.0.0 Update Notes





-Added new "Fender Forest" level to act as the new 2nd level.
-Added new Replay Mode which allows player's to replay levels that have been beaten already.
-Added Local Highscores for each level. Can be viewed in the main menu, replay menu or during the specific level.
-Added 18 Leaderboards, including one for each level and mode (both standard and Guardian mode)
-Added 30 Achievements
-Added tally for Level score for each level
-Added ability for player's to "end game" and then submit highscores after a continue countdown
-Added option to allow players to play with unlimited continues but with the cost of Less Points awarded.
-Limited continues is now called Arcade Mode, and points are counted as normal.
-Added additional detail for Torched Tombs to assist in defeating the boss.
-Added additional waves to endless mode.


-Level names and Parts will show at the beginning of each level
-Added Material to the Houses on the Main Town
-Added/Modified dynamic emissive textures for several enemies.
-Changed some of the UI backgrounds which should contrast better with the text.
-Added more detail to the tutorial about items, enemies that have been hit and how some curvature is now allowed
-Updated the Sky Surge tutorial to be opaque with the background.


-Increased Wind Length
-Increased time wind stream survives
-Increased curvature of wind stream so players can now draw wide curves by default.
-Increased player Health generally for upgraded health and non upgraded health.
-Doubled amount of health repaired by a Health Drop
-Slowed down heavy projectiles for Juggernaught, HeavyGunner and Steelbug
-Reduced fire rate speed and projectiles speed for Baron and Triton
-Reduced movement speed for Baron, Triton, and Pinbug.
-Increased Lightning strike distance for hitting the Steelbug
-Increased total extension of the Length upgrade
-Increased the point values for many of the harder versions of the enemies
-Added logic to allow defeating the Shield Enemies to be more sensible.


-Fixed lives Bug when entering endless or boss rush mode.
-Fixed issue where city level incorrectly being displayed.
-Fixed issue with Patterns in Endless mode.
-Fixed issue so that Level Bonuses are split between Level Parts.
-Fixed issue where ability buttons were not being shown in Endless and Boss Rush mode.
-Fixed Highscore displayed when using a resolution using black bars in hard mode.
-Fixed issue with unlocking Final Level in Hard Mode.
-Fixed issue where the enemy points would be added even after the town has fallen.
-Fixed some of the blending for materials in Amaranth Sky's so now that level should have it's fauna render smoother.
-Fixed issues with the Swinger enemy movement.


-Spelled "Guardian Mode" properly.
-Moved the time counter in Boss Rush a bit more to the left in order to fit longer times.




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