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Creacorp - Pokémon Inspired Game

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Hey everyone,

I am developing this game for a couple of months, I think I'm ready to show it here


It's a game inspired on the Pokémon RPG games for GB/GBC/etc. Of course I don't want to make everything exactly like Pokémon, it will be 3D with some changes on the battle system, and some other mechanics. The essence it's still the same, you have your creatures and they battle, get stronger, evolve and etc, etc. I also want to add a lot of small features that I've been thinking during the development and before, the battle will have some influences from games like Disciples (6vs6 battles), tactics games like Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls (the way you interact with environment) and a lot of other things.


Some pictures:
player's creature following him

preview of the battle system

hostile wild creature following player and engaging a battle


well, there is not that much grass anymore, it was too expensive. :(

Roken volcano

Some characters (Those are just for prototyping the game, not actual characters of the game):


Some creatures




And here is the first devlog video, it shows a bit of the battle system, map exploration and etc. (as you can see on the thumbnail)

For now on I will be making more devlog videos so subscribe! Also, if you have a wordpress account you can follow the progress at, the last post is a more detailed explanation of what is show in the video.

That's it for now, I hope you guys liked and I'm accepting feedbacks, thank you!

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Hey guys, sorry for the long time without posting here, I wanted to have something nice to post before posting.

So, here it goes, I just finished drawing all the 20 creatures that will be available in the prototype.

Here they are:



You can also check them individually (for bigger resolutions) in the social medias:

Thanks guys and I hope I'm not breaking any rule for bumping a 60 days old thread...

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That looks really nice!


While the character and creature models could use some more detail/texturing, the environment itself has a pleasing aesthetic to it. Nice saturation level. With some additional colors, and more variation and details, that world would be very pleasing to explore (visually).


The volcano looks like a Death Mountain rip-off, though - I'd advise not having a ring of smoke around it, but leave the smoke billow out the top normally. It's just too iconic of Zelda.


Congrats on your progress; I'd love to play this game in the future.

(especially if I can play it cooperatively with another player, both exploring the same world independently)


Another suggestion, which is probably bad advice, is that your animals look too much like Pokemon... and many of Pokemon's creature designs look stupid and bland. Pokemon has some great creature designs, but way too many bad designs also - too low of a hit-to-miss ratio. You creature design seems to be following the same pattern, where Pokemon's creatures seem to lack cohesion, creativity, and thought. /// In My Personal Opinion ///.


If you polled every Pokemon fan about their favorite Pokemon, and tallied up the votes (and compensating to counteract the bias of earlier games), I think you'd find that there'd be a big exponential curve of popularity, with a subset of maybe 50 or so Pokemon being very popular, 50 or so being somewhat popular, and 50 or so being moderately popular, with the remaining *600* being not very popular. But if they were all designed well, there may still be a slight curve, but I'd speculate that the distribution of popularity would be much more even.


I would suggest designing every one of your creatures to:

A) Look and feel as if it could be the protagonist of the entire game - that if no other creature existed, it'd still be fine, because <CurrentCreature> is still that great.

and B) not look like the creature could be dropped into a Pokemon game and blend in unnoticed.


But hey, what do I know? Pokemon sold bazillions of copies.  :lol:

Just food for thought.


[Edit:] I circled my favorite designs of the ones you posted:




The trend is:

A) The colors are subdued.

B) They don't look like generic Pokemon.

C) They look like they could almost be real animals in real life.


I still suggest a bit more detailing/texturing though! To better hint at fur and scales and feathers.


The Sloth and the Dog - I'd suggest killing the blue, and instead give it a color that is a darker version of the color the animal already has (i.e. darker grey for the dog, and darker brown for the sloth). I like the gold on the horse, but please let it be not born that way, but that the decor/armor is added on by humans!

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