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Distributed Processing

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Hi all, I''m running SETI@ Home, and I got kindda curious at how the program works. The program gets a small file from a server... Doesn''t the IP address of the server need to allways be the same? I would like to create a program that calculates huge amounts of data, in a distributed processing way, but for that I would need a Master server, correct? with a fix IP addres, right? That way the child aplication would be able to contact the server at the same ip address... These are my small thoughts, please contribute to this discussion... Hugo Ferreira UniteK Future "Concentrate, and you can see it. If you see it, then it is possible. If it is possible, you can Achieve it."

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Thats the easy way. However if you don''t want to pay for a static IP you can:
-Get the client to retrieve a file from a website(free) that has the master server address.
-Use a dynamic dns name that points to whatever Ip your PC has.

Generally however a processing client will attempt a connection any time of the day so you''d want a permanant connection and somewhere that''ll be able to run your server. I''ve never found anywhere that''l run my code for free, so option 2 is probably best for you.

It''s not as easy as you think though. You have to handle things like a client never returning data, so you need to keep track of what data has ben ''loaned'' out and how long for so you can send the same data out to someone else if they exceed a timelimit for sending the results back.

If you want to just do this in a controlled environment, like your own lan at home have a look at Microsoft Message Queue Server, you need to instal the MSMQ client but it make this kind of thing much easier.

Chris Brodie

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