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Calculating pixel sum for texture

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I`ve got problem with calculation of pixel sum. How can I get current pixel coordinates from PS/FS and get texel using  these ones.  I want to take texel using Load method and I should do it carefully, becase I have not to take neighbour pixel instead current. It makes my program less efficient.

Thank you!

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In D3D pixel shader takes system variable SV_Position, which contains screen space position of your pixel + 0.5 offset to the pixel center.


In other words, SV_Position variable will take the values in the range:

x: [0 + 0.5, (ViewportWidth - 1) + 0.5], that is 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc

y: [0 + 0.5, (ViewportHeight - 1) + 0.5]


float3 screenSpacePos : SV_Position - pixel shader input


Load function on the HLSL Texture object takes integer screen space coordinates as an input.

// Convert float screen space pos to integer to get rid of 0.5 offset

int3 texScreenSpacePos = int2(screenSpacePos.xy,  0);

float3 result = myTexture2D.Load(texScreenSpacePos);


If you would like to work in texture space or use sample filtering

float2 texSpacePos = screenSpacePos.xy * rcp(float2(ViewportWidth, ViewportHeight)); // screenSpacePos with 0.5 offset

float3 result = myTexture2D.Sample(mySampler, texSpacePos);

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