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NextGen Console

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Hi! My name is Bogdan Nikolaev, i'm from Russia, and my age == 14 years.

I write interpreter of a simple automatization scripting language, with my syntax based on basic.

Interpreter written on Delphi.

I create this language because i need simple and powerful language for automatization routine(for example build scripts), and i make my own language. Here is some language features:

  1. Two comparsion condition - if and if not
  2. Some winapi functions implemented(messagebox and etc)
  3. Multimedia api
  4. Interpreter in real time can deattach console, and transform to UI application
  5. Interpreter can run other script inside current executed script
  6. Intrepreter can run in interactive mode - in this case NGC is CMD or Bash analog
  7. Full file IO - reading, writing, appending
  8. INI reading and writing - very userful for storing script configuration(for example configuration of build script)
  9. Dynamic type system - you can create variables and set any type to it
  10. Calling functions from dll - make's NGC functions is infinite
  11. Math functions - add, sub, div, mul
  12. String functions - find, cut and pos(possible create parsers)

Here is some examples on NGC:


Print "Hello world":

println 'Hello, world!'

Advanced Hello world:

varcreate 'welcomestr'
varset 'welcomestr', 'Hello, world!'
println $welcomestr

Get user input:

varcreate 'username'
varset 'username', 'Hello, '
strconcat $username, answer
println $username

Run other script:

runscript 'script.ngs'

Call dll function(must be stdcall and no parameters):

dllcall 'mydll.dll', 'myfunction'

Play sound:

playsound 'mysound.wav', true

Run other programm:

exec 'cc', 'mysource.c'

Currently NGC is under development, i log developing in twitter and in this theme. My twitter:



This is not advert, i want to show my project to other users, from other countries.


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I moved this to the announcements forums. Note that if you want to provide ongoing updates, you should create a blog or development journal here and post there. Don't bump the thread constantly, please.

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