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Wicked Defense 2 re-released as freeware

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Previously, Wicked Defense 2 was released under commercial terms back in 2009. It was a sequel to Wicked Defense 1, which first appeared in 2007. Since it has been around 7 years since the release and especially now that Ixchel Studios web site has gone offline, we have decided to re-release the game as freeware.
This is basically a tower-defense genre, real-time strategy 3D game, where you have to build and upgrade towers, and cast instant spells to prevent large hordes of monsters from reaching their destination. It uses abstract conceptual graphics and gameplay.
The game's engine uses shaders, CPU's vector instructions and geometry instancing to produce procedural 3D models in real-time. It mainly does so using DX9/SM2 and certain number of instances per batch, although we did have experimental back-end running on DX8 with v1.1 shaders. In some scenarios (e.g. "Rebellion") at times there could be over million triangles per frame, e.g. when the whole group of "Weaver" monsters gets cloned and then sub-divides. The engine also features volumetric visual effects such as lightning, rays, beams and particle showers.
Some screenshots are shown below:
thumb01.gif thumb02.gif thumb06.gif thumb12.gif

For more screenshots and the actual game installer, you can visit the game's official web site at:

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