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Looking for a Team

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Before I do anything else I sincerely apologize if I break any of the community guidelines within this post as I literally joined these forums 5 minutes ago. (I did quickly scroll through the FAQ though and hopefully that's enough :P.)


Well Hello, it's nice to finally taking my first ever step in creating a game.


I have always wanted to make a game, it's always been a lingering thought in the back of my mind. I see all these half done games with great ideas, or triple A games that are complete _______. Anyways, every time I run into a game like this I always think of these 4 words,




To begin here, I have 0% experience in coding. I've watched like 2 tutorials so obviously 99% of people who reply to this thread will be my superior. So now after many of you reading about my inferiority you may wander why is this twat on our forums. Well, I want to make a video game. I don't want to make a text or browser game. I hope to one day produce a Triple A game. Now is the part where many of you smirk a bit and laugh at how utterly stupid that sounds. Obviously I'm not here to recruit the dream team of devs for the most legendary mmo open sandbox  beast of all time. I'm here to simply find a team, a team willing to work together to create greatness. You see I could go watch some tutorials and make myself a slick browser game but 1: I don't have that kind of attention span (which is sad lol) and 2: I am a very ambitious person. You see the word great means a lot to me. I strive for greatness in everything I do, whether it's on sports teams or  _______ on kids in numerous video games. Well let's cut the fluff here and let me narrow this down. If your interested in making a PC indie game please message me or respond to this or whatever. I have many many many many many many ideas, but I need YOU to make these ideas come to life. 


Let me leave you with one lasting quote here,

"No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe." 



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Hello and welcome.


Ive read your post and thought about a time before 15 years when I was young and got my first PC. A time where good games were made and the understood of DLC wasnt even known, a time where good old Expansions were sold for such great games as Warcraft III, Diablo II, Starcraft, Spellforce and so on. I realy miss that time!


These influences were the final touch to say "I'll go into games business" and I did so beleave me when I say that I know what you mean. Today playing games is not that playfull as it was before 4 years to me because either I demand too high standards to the games to be worth to play or games coming out have got  way less quality in gameplay I dont know but any of that took me the fun for playing games where I could just say "I have the technical know how to do" but beeing a one men show takes long time for creating great games.


The difference between us is that I early learned programming as part of my job but am less talented in doing Art stuff. Gamedesign works well as programming does. This is the reason why Im seeking for a good (best would be coop-mp) RPG game btw. but these days I decided to make my own on some custom engine.


And I also know the other side where people think because they cant do anything or imagine to do try to tell you that you couldnt do it too. I have had uncountable replys under my posts ins everal communities along these 15 years telling me to "shut up f**** noob" on the idea of creating an own engine, creating an rpg game and several other ideas I had along the time where today any third person in the web does its own engine or rpg or whatever and such games as Banished or Minecraft got great response from gamers.

So the only advice I could give you is to no give up getting your dreams real!


Games are for fun and greatness not for money!


You may PN me if you like so we could talk a little more :)

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1. Welcome to the community,  hope you up your game here.


2, The best way to find like minded people, is to define a clear project, genre, theme, engine, etc.


3. I'm sorry, but if you got all these ideas, the best thing you can do is to write tehm down in a organized fashion, like a Game design document (GDD)


4. people make their dreams a reality, not those of others. By that i mean, don't expect to sit back, and tell people what to do, and have it turn out just like you imagined. Also, in order for people to work on the ideas of others, you need to inspire them to do so.  Get them invested, by letting them shape it with you. 


5. 2D or 3D?


Hope you find what your looking for.

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The role that you want to take is that of an idea guy.

The idea guy is feared in game development. 



Ideas in game dev. come a dime a dozen. Everyone has enough ideas to fill a whole book and there

is no reason for developers to work on the ideas of others since they have plenty of their own.


You are overestimating the value of ideas. If you could at least write a GDD and do Project managment and some coding and

tech. research then you'll be able to at least fill in a role in a team. Otherwise you'd just tell the devs. what to do without

even understanding any of the implications dooming the project in the process.


I am happy to explain this in more detail.


If you are out for instant gratification without getting into the skills too much try create a small game in scratch

https://scratch.mit.edu/ you'll get an idea of how programs work and you can experiment with game concepts.

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