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OpenGL Problem with rendering single Cube OpenGL SDL2

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Good morning everyone, 


I am trying to migrate a simple library from GLFW to SDL 2.0 but i am having an "unusual" , at least for me, issue. 


This is the code for displayCube :

void displayCube()


	if (wireFrame)
		glPolygonMode(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK, GL_LINE);
		glPolygonMode(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK, GL_FILL);

	translate = glm::translate(glm::mat4(1.0), glm::vec3(-0.5, 0.0, 0.0));
	glUniformMatrix4fv(TranslateMat, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(translate));

	glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLES, 0, NumVertices);


This is the main loop : 

//While application is running
		while (!running){
			//Handle Events on queue
			while (SDL_PollEvent(&e) != 0)
				//User requests quit
				if (e.type == SDL_QUIT)
					running = true;
				if (e.type == SDL_KEYDOWN)
					SDL_Scancode keyPressed = e.key.keysym.scancode;

					if (keyPressed == SDL_SCANCODE_W){
						if (wireFrame)
							wireFrame = false;

							//Update screen

							wireFrame = true;

							//Update screen
						//std::cout << "wireframe value " << wireFrame << std::endl;

You can see the result here : 



(This happens way faster than is captured on  video)


and when you close the window i have put a small delay before destroying it and you can see from the screen shot that the cube stablelizes . 



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Hi ,
Sorry for that . I think it's fine now .

Pasting the link again just to make sure .





UPDATE/EDIT: I have solved the problem on my own . On the main Loop these 2 lines needed to be added in order to perform correctly . 

glClearColor(0.0, 0.0, 0.3, 1.0); //black color

I had forgot to clear the buffers before displayCube() was called again . 

But i couldn't find it because instead for looking for something like this i though it had to do something with the vSync . 

Edited by Mekan

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Hey , 


i am back with new troubles . 


So i am past the point of integrating SDL2 alongside with OpenGL (and a variaty of other opensource libs such as assimp/glm/glew e.t.c) and i moved forward to put ImGUI on the game too .

For starters,  what i did was create a .lib file out of ImGUI  alongside with 

imgui_impl_sdl_gl3.cpp and imgui_impl_sdl_gl3.h which are the example files for ImGUI + SDL2 + OpenGL  in github ->


I got the examples working fine ( as you can see in the screenshot and ImGUI looks really cool indeed , but now i want to render also my cube inside the window . 


According to the little documentation of ImGUi (most of it inside of imgui.cpp) this is a typical application skeleton : 

        // Application init
        ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
        io.DisplaySize.x = 1920.0f;
        io.DisplaySize.y = 1280.0f;
        io.IniFilename = "imgui.ini";
        io.RenderDrawListsFn = my_render_function;  // Setup a render function, or set to NULL and call GetDrawData() after Render() to access the render data.
        // TODO: Fill others settings of the io structure
        // Load texture atlas
        // There is a default font so you don't need to care about choosing a font yet
        unsigned char* pixels;
        int width, height;
        io.Fonts->GetTexDataAsRGBA32(pixels, &width, &height);
        // TODO: At this points you've got a texture pointed to by 'pixels' and you need to upload that your your graphic system
        // TODO: Store your texture pointer/identifier (whatever your engine uses) in 'io.Fonts->TexID'
        // Application main loop
        while (true)
            // 1) get low-level inputs (e.g. on Win32, GetKeyboardState(), or poll your events, etc.)
            // TODO: fill all fields of IO structure and call NewFrame
            ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
            io.DeltaTime = 1.0f/60.0f;
            io.MousePos = mouse_pos;
            io.MouseDown[0] = mouse_button_0;
            io.MouseDown[1] = mouse_button_1;
            io.KeysDown[i] = ...
            // 2) call NewFrame(), after this point you can use ImGui::* functions anytime
            // 3) most of your application code here
            ImGui::Begin("My window");
            ImGui::Text("Hello, world.");
            MyGameUpdate(); // may use ImGui functions
            MyGameRender(); // may use ImGui functions
            // 4) render & swap video buffers

Considering it,  i have created my main function  : 

int main(int, char**)
	int running = true;

	if (init() == false)
		std::cout << "Init failed !!!" << std::endl;

	// Setup ImGui binding

	ImVec4 clear_color = ImColor(114, 144, 154);

	// Main loop
	bool done = false;
	while (!done)
		SDL_Event event;
		while (SDL_PollEvent(&event))
			if (event.type == SDL_QUIT)
				done = true;

		// 1. Show a simple window
		// Tip: if we don't call ImGui::Begin()/ImGui::End() the widgets appears in a window automatically called "Debug"
		ImGui::SetNextWindowSize(ImVec2(100,100), ImGuiSetCond_FirstUseEver);
		ImGui::Begin("basicCube GUI");
		static float f = 0.0f;
		ImGui::Text("Hello, world!");
		ImGui::SliderFloat("float", &f, 0.0f, 1.0f);
		ImGui::ColorEdit3("clear color", (float*)&clear_color);
		ImGui::Button("Test button");
		ImGui::Text("Application average %.3f ms/frame (%.1f FPS)", 1000.0f / ImGui::GetIO().Framerate, ImGui::GetIO().Framerate);

		// Rendering
		glViewport(0, 0, (int)ImGui::GetIO().DisplaySize.x, (int)ImGui::GetIO().DisplaySize.y);
		glClearColor(clear_color.x, clear_color.y, clear_color.z, clear_color.w);

	close(); //Shuts down every little thing...
	return 0;

My problem is that there is no cube in my screen , just what you saw in the screen shot above . 

If i try to render the cube alone it works fine , the problem seems to be when i mix ImGUI functions with mine .


Anybody got any ideas or has faced anything similar?


Thanks in advance . 

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