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- Machines that bleed - (Sci-fi Investigation Rpg)

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Machines that bleed


Imagine an rpg where you fill the role of four (soon to be) investigators working for the worlds first "Techni-Droid" Insurance Agency.

Find clues, interrogate witnesses, and uses your talents in persuasion to your advantage in and out of battles. Finally, when you've seen all the lies, all the laughs, and all the blood a case has to offer, came to the cold conclusion deciding if the owner or a third-party deserves compensation or jail time.


Roam the streets in sidescroller view! Cross reference clues in your inquery menu! Use your skills in bargain, empathy, threats, or motivation speech to gather the true from witnesses! And survive class rpg battles which focus on taking cover and manipulating the enemy.

Visuals And Mood

(Honestly, just picture "Happy Tree Friends" in black & white with robots)
2D, pixel-art like - An almost comical take on the dark world of detective movies. Vintage futurism, Cube-like robots and cyber implants that are big and clunky. Smooth jazz glitching out of broken speakers. As if a horror director was filming a sci-fi movie, but the cast thought they were making a cit-com. Sharp monochrome-colors and contrasted lighting; and yet, the characters are very cartoony.



  • Sincity meets Paper Mario
  • Undertale meets LA Noire
  • Deus Ex meets Ace Attorney

Project History
I've been working on this thing alone for a few months. I had originally made a (more or less) complete game engine(including basic graphics) in GameMaker using their scripting language (GML). The engine was really tough to work with and I lacked a sense of direction, those I nearly canceled the project, but decided to give it another go recently.


RPG Maker? REALLY!? - I know, I know. RPG Maker has a bad rep, but hear me out. Half a year ago RPG Maker  was released. What's new with MV? A lot actually.

  • Scripting in Javascript is now an option! Meaning, I could make a 3D FPS with this thing if I was really bent on it!
  • Lots of Plugins!
  • Easy to use level editor
  • The core engine is already in place. It just needs a little nip tuck!
  • Code is now organized in separate .js files, instead of a single .rpgm file

About Me
I'm a male 24 year old Programmer / Integrator and work as a web Integrator. I've also been writing music since I was 12. (Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/francois-archambault/ ) I've worked with RPG Maker & Game Maker since I was a kid, I also did some small games in AS3 (Flash) for College. I'm good with people and love to team work!

Dream Team
I've been working on this alone for a while now and I've met a wall. I need the help of other talented artists, designers, and programmers.

I'm currently looking for:

  • An Illustrator who is comfortable drawing sharp "Noir" lighting, pixel art, gory close-ups, and cute cartoony/anime characters.
  • A programmer who knows a little about game design and is comfortable working in Javascript.
  • Bonus points if you know any of these: Extra Credits, A Hero's Jouney, Myer Briggs Test, Samerai Jack, a Theremine, and / or Django unchained,


Get a demo ready for a Kickstarter campaign (or any other financing platform).
If the campaign fails, depending on how the team feels, we'll either continue the project or part ways and make the game an asset in our individual portfolios. (I'd rather a finished game, but it's nice to now what the b-plan is.)

All in all, I hope this project attracts your interest. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! Thank you for your time.

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I am interested! "Programmer" here, looking to gain experience by doing something :) And I know Extra Credits! I sadly don't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to game design, but I can look into it if I were to get the position!


Send me a PM, we can take this there, email or steam if you prefer

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