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Creating a Team for Mobile Game Design

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Hey all 


Why am i here ? 
I am searching for a team to create a mobile game/app , i specialize in GameMaker (GML) but have only used it for  prototyping and have never taken my games too far. I have also used Unity but am only just learning how to use it correctly & efficiently. I'm a member of treehouse and a frequent course purchaser on Udemy - I am currently doing a course on Pixel Art , and am completing a C# course on Treehouse. I have a strong foundational understanding of programming principles/basics.I have GDD of ideas that have sprung to mind but haven't managed to follow it through but would also like a team to create new ideas or refine the old.


What are we going to do ? 
I would only like to work with 2D games and would prefer pixel art but we can all discuss and agree on something all together. This is not a job proposal , more a chance to gain real world experience and work as a team and do something we all have a passion for. Although all profit made will be fairly split between everyone but that will be spoken of later on as i'm not the best with that stuff (having no experience) 


Who am i  looking for ? 

I am looking for a Programmer that is either good with GML or C# as we will be using either Game Maker Engine or the Unity 2D Engine.

I am looking for two Artists that specializes in Pixel art but all forms of art are welcome.

I am looking for PR/Marketer 

but am very flexible with the team members can accept more if needed.

To apply for a position on the team please email me at keanu.barnardd@gmail.com with some details about yourself, some games you enjoy , talents , the position you want and what you can do for the team. Also please feel free to ask any questions 

Thanks , Keanu 

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