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Engine for a resource management game?

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Hello, it is my firts topic in this forum, so maybe I am posting this in the incorrect section. If thats the case, tell me and I will try to move it.

I have been learning python for a couple of weeks (you know, the basics, strings, conditionals....) and after that I tried to create a simple resource management game with 1 production chain. It was a total mess. Because of Python being very linear, I wasn't able to open menus at any part of the programme.. basically, i couldn't do two things at the same time. So because of my little experience of coding, i have been looking to engines with

'drag and drop' elements, like RTS creator or Stencyl. But I am not sure about their capacibilities. Basically, I want to be able to do the next list of things:


- Resources that may varie depending of the part of the map where you place the extractor.

- Creation of production chains.

- Creation of tech tree to unlock new parts and atributes

- Basic combat and IA system.

- Creation of a poblation with their needs.

- Creation of customized menus,

If all that things can be accomplished without programming in a 'drag and drop' program would be perfect, but i'm disposed to learn more coding or programming if necessary.

PD: i'm spanish, so my english isn't the best. Sorry for any possible fault!

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Actually, I don't see that problem of doing multiple things at the same time.

When you code a game and you're not using multithreading (in fact, multithreading adds too much complexity and you don't need it) you just use a game loop and do all the stuff sequentially.

If you have a while(1) loop in your main function and you do all your stuff in it, that loop will be executed several times per second, so it will give the user that feeling of doing things simultaneously.

On the other hand, you could use Unity3D which is quite simple or you could use Cocos2d-x, but you'd need to learn C++ Edited by jjimenezg93

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