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Struggle: Episode1 of Trying to Learn Unity

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I couldn't think of a better title...nor of a good Pre-fix.




I've always wanted to learn Unity to get into game development, so I decided to try a RPG like, platformer like, random type of genre game. I was able to practice using Colliders, different scripts, etc etc etc. I would just love some feedback on this.


A few things...I didn't put a lot of consideration to fixing some bugs (only because I really wanted to finish this and move on to other things)...for example:

-There might be some typos in text

-For the map puzzle pieces platformer level, there are no enemies (I figured creating them would be trivial, so I didn't do it)

-Shading on buildings was off (Buildings are dark) (I used Tiled to create the maps, and tried to layer properly, but eventually messed it up and didn't go back and fix)

-Rotating of NPCs when engaging in dialogue

-Music fading

-Proportioning characters vs objects (sometimes, the main character is as large as a bookshelf hahaha...)

-Compatibility with screen sizes. (When asked to play with a screen, please play with a smaller size...but not too small)






This is not going to be for sale...again, it's just a excersize in using Unity2D...and I'll eventually move to 3D. However, I'd love some feedback. I really want to get into game development. During the process of creating this, I had so much fun, and I really want to learn as much as I can.




I suck at art (I want to learn this too..soon), so I used a ton of RPGMaker stuff and random backgrounds and tilesets found on opengameart (except for the sonic background in a runner level...) (Shoutouts to LPC Character Generator...GREAT TOOL). However, all programming, level creation(which also sucks) was done by me. Music was found by randomly googling "Elevator Hip Hop Music", and 8-Bit-Universe. Game writing (where I really want to get good) sucks too...I started off really focusing on it...but then I fell off.

But yeah, I'm open to any and all feedback! I'm here to learn.




Here's a link to the download:  http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/2tLzhSOQ/file.html


I was going to use the forum "Attach File" but the file is like 85 MB, when this has a max size of 48.83.

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I would recommend you look into starting a Journal -- this forum is more for beginners asking question than for posting dev updates.

Linky link: http://www.gamedev.net/blogs


That said, good job on coming this far with your project!

I would recommend finishing it completely, though -- this involves fixing bugs, adding features you skipped because they were trivial, etc.

In a lot of cases, these final steps of polishing and fixing will teach you a lot of details you might never learn otherwise.


It might feel more like "work" doing it, but it will also leave you with a much better product you can be proud of after :)

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