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Need a PHP coder to join our Team for MMORPG

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We're looking to create a text-based browser MMORPG and we'd like to find someone else with PHP & MySQL experience who would be interested in joining us. Or if you have any suggestions of better places to look please let me know!

We're both fluent in HTML/CSS + graphic design...however I'm only just learning PHP. I've got a good grasp on the logic behind it and I can for the most part read & manipulate it, but coding from scratch is a different story. Having a partner who is already fluent in this language would be ideal, especially for the more complicated scripts, setting up the database + server settings, etc. We just feel like the end result would be better with a great coder working with us.

The game genre is organized crime. A quick summary: You're a criminal who starts out as a nobody and can gain experience to rank up and work your way to the top. Do small time crimes by yourself and team up with other players to pull off better paying crimes. Create or join syndicates for protection + to work together to dominate a city. Be careful who you trust, there are no guarantees in the criminal underworld, honor among thieves is usually only a short lived fantasy here. Your actions have consequences, whether you live through them is yet to be determined. -- This is a quick summary, and if you've been around browser games know it's a concept that's been done before. However we have some unique concepts that we feel will set us apart from the rest and really interest the player base out there.

As the term partner should suggest, you'd be a deciding member of the team, not just a coding lackey. There are two of us currently involved in the game, which is still in the concept phase. We're writing out all the ideas/features and working on the layout mockup, hashing out the details. We're attempting to look for a coder now because we want them to be part of this phase of the process as well. We'd like your input, so that the game will include your ideas as well. At the moment we don't have any insane time constraints, we're working on this during our free time so there's no set schedule you need to fit into.

If you're soley interested in projects that will make you money now, this isn't for you. As our partner you'd earn an equal share of the profits once the game is live, but during creation there is no money to be made for your work. We aren't making money during creation either. So this really is better for people who are interested in creating & running a game, ok with making money later + adding a real world project to their portfolio.

If you're unfamiliar with what a text-based browser game is you can take a look at the types of games listed on www.browsermmorpg.com. This is the type of game we intend to create.

If you're interested and would like more information, please let me know!

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