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SLASHER game - Searching help

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Hello. I'm an italian guy that has absolutely none confidence with videogame's programming; i'm not a code guy, to be clear I had very bad votes in mathematic and "logical" matters, but I am very good at writing and I love cinema and playing managerial videogames. I'm in a sad situation with videogames, because I've played all the kind of strategy/managerial games and I haven't chance to play newer ones simply because NO ONE produces them! It's awful. By the way, I'm wasting your time; the motivation I'm writing here is that I had a simply idea, thought that surely someone must've developed it before... but, hey, no one did! There is a Friday the 13th game in development but doesn't sound very similar to my idea.


The idea is: let's take the game The Movies (check it out) and centre it on a production company that makes slasher movies in the 80s (the decade where this genre was more popular). For those who don't know slasher movies, they are basically movies centred on a serial killer that kills a bunch of young guys in the most bloody way possibile; the point of the movie isn't the story, the point are the killings. The idea is to put the player in the role of a slasher producer, so he can choose the location, the number of protagonists and victims, and surely the identity of the villain of the movies (his aspect, his background story, his weapon/weapons), then after this phase he can actually "see" (play) the movie in the role of the killer, trying to kill his victims in the best way possible, trying to wait the right time where to strike (the victims move automatically in the set doing pre-built actions, spliting themself, looking around, alarming when finding corpses etc.), trying to hit the best way possible and other parameters, that summed together when all the victims are dead produce a score for the movie, that based on this elements it's succesfull or a flop. Then the player can choose to make a saga with this villain, or produce a different movie, of course looking at the budget of the movies and hiring new stars and better technicians. So this is a mix of managerial game with a "villain simulator" that I think is something curious. By the way, knowing that the simulation part is technically the most demanding, the game could be developed looking just at the managerial aspects, trying to put the player in the role of a real movie manager, creating good horror movies trying to produce them at the right time with the right elements. Of course seen my ignorance in the development of videogames my help could be just in the writing phase; i'm disposed to write every plot/details-aspect of the game with full dedication, seen I have no job and i've ended school. Of course i'm proposing this project without a profitable aspect, doing this for free and searching someone willing to do it in the same way... he can count on my full avaibility, I think my english is decent enough to establish a communication with everyone so... I hope you will like my idea and maybe discuss it. Maybe it's an utopia but try does no harm.  



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