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Anyone used UVAtlas?

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I am trying to use UVAtlas code from github in order to create a uv atlas for a 50k triangle scene.


I am beyond confused right now because of the data it returns to me:


{ size=298 }   //Input vertices
{ size=564 }   //Input indices
{ size=564 }   //Input adj info, filled with -1
{ size=564 }   //Output vertices
{ size=2256 } //Output indices but these are uint8
{ size=564 }   //Output remap array
{ size=188 }   //Output face partitioning array
0.000000000 //Output stretch
188                //Output charts count
UVAtlas: Vertex Number:298
UVAtlas: Face Number:188
UVAtlas: Scale factor is 24.978756
UVAtlas: Initially having 188 separated charts
UVAtlas: Initial chart number 188
UVAtlas: Charts before merge 188
UVAtlas: Charts after merge 188
UVAtlas: Final space utilization ratio after pack = 63.167%
UVAtlas: Final X and Y = 998, 998


1) Why does it return so many vertices? why does it return indices in that weird form? What does it expect me to do? I just have a list of vertices and I need UV coords generated for each one, not more, not less! why does it give me all these extra vertices???


2) How do I actually generate the texture/lightmap from this? By lightmap I mean a lightmap without the lighting computed yet.


3) Should I just not use this tool and use libigl instead?


Thanks all

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1.) No idea what you are talking about. Is this a tool that generates uv lightmap coordinates? It returns more vertices because it is splitting vertices.


2.) You can always unwrap and bake models individually. I use blender to model and export and generate a set of UV's for AO maps. I bake the maps in blender using those uv's.

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for question 1:

We use UvAtlas in production to unwrap uv.

after uv is unwrap,  face number remain the same, but vertex number may increase. Try to image unwarp a teapot onto a texture, parts of the teapot must be separated, so some vertex is duplicated, and position at different place on uv space.

to use UvAtlas:




Can't remember the detail, take a look at the command line tools MS provided will help.

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