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3D Modeller (Environmental Designer)

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Hello folks,

I just wanted to post some of my work out here. If you've a project you think I might be a good asset for, feel free to send me a PM! I'm online most of the day.

Available for work: Yes
Paid?: No


Regular game design





Stylized game design

Pillar Model (High poly & Low poly)



Door Model (High poly & Low poly)



Ground - Tileable Texture (High poly & Low poly)



Wall - Tileable Texture (High poly & Low poly)



Wood - Tileable Texture (High poly & Low poly)


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Hey Nafei!


Your work samples look great, and you might be exactly who I'm looking for.


I'm currently developing a 3D "dungeon crawler"-style game with mechanics similar to the "Legend of Grimrock" series or older titles like "Dungeon Master" or "Eye of the Beholder" (although I never played the latter ones). Basically, it's a first-person view RPG where you move in discrete steps from tile to tile in a grid-based world. Simple 80s gameplay, but with (more or less) modern graphics.


And that's exactly where I need an artist like you. I'm primarily a software developer. While I *can* create simple 3D models, and I'm even getting better at it, it's not what I love most to do, and it takes me a lot of time. So it would be awesome if you could support me.


Currently, the whole thing is a non-commercial "just for fun" hobby project, although I'm sometimes playing with the remote idea to sell it, should it ever get finished and be good enough. If this should ever happen, I'd of course share with you a fair amount of the profit, but for now, it would be a non-paid job.


As for seriousness and outlook for success: I'm a professional software developer with more than 15 years of programming experience and a M.Sc. in computer science. I know how to get done what I want to do. I also know that game development requires *huge* amounts of effort and knowledge even for seemingly "small and simple" projects. I have learned from several overambitious and failed projects, so I'm aiming rather low this time and try to apply the most simple and pragmatic solutions for everything, at least for a first prototype.


The setting/story of the game (and thus the required artistic style) isn't set in stone. Currently I'm doing mostly engine development, which is independent of the theme. Right now I'm aiming for a sci-fi setting, but if you prefer, say, medieval fantasy, we could talk about it. I can even imagine a "steampunk"-style hybrid similar to the Torchlight series, which I like a lot.


I'm currently in the process of preparing a "technical documentation for 3d artists and level designers", since I planned to ask for artistic help here in a few weeks. The document isn't complete yet, but I could send it to you as soon as it is, so that you can get an impression of what is required.


Write back if you're interested!

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Hi wurstbrot,


Thanks for the interest! Your project sounds interesting and fun but I must decline since it's not really my type of genre. But if you're ever thinking of making RPG (like torchlight/diablo), Tower Defence game, Survival game or something similar, send me a PM! :-). Even if it's not these genres, I would be interested in making a small game that a small amount of people can handle in a realistic amount of time.

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Fair enough :). Nevertheless, thank you for your reply!


I very consciously decided to go for this type of game because of its relatively simple gameplay mechanics. Having a grid-based world with discrete states for everything makes a lot of stuff like collision detection and AI a lot easier. As I already mentioned, I really wanted to start something that has not-too-bad chances of ever getting finished. I already have clean and stable implementations of level structure, flexible "data driven" tile part definitions, player/world interaction (e.g. walking around, collision detection, switches etc.), map editor and level/samegame persistence (saving/loading). And all this in (I think, didn't count though) less than 200 hours of coding. Perhaps you can also create more complex things faster if you rely more on pre-made code from engines like the omnipresent Unity or Unreal, but that's not what I want to do.


Besides, I was quite impressed of how much fun Grimrock actually is, despite (or perhaps even *because of*) the ancient mechanics. It's so old that it is fresh and new again :).

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You can add me on skype and we can talk there if you want. I've PMed you my skype :-)

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