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Allegria - The Musically Inspired RPG (Demo available)

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Hi everyone!


I've been working on an RPG using the XNA platform, and so far it's come together very well.


Allegria is an RPG that is based around music. The main storyline is driven by all sorts of musical references and aspects. The protagonist is a minstrel whose musical abilities are portrayed through the combat system.


First things first - here are some pictures to (hopefully) spark your interest:


(A brief look at the terrain)



(The character panel)



(The two-part combat system)







Here's a brief introduction to the story to get you interested:


The land of Allegria was home to 3 kingdoms: Windyor, Stringdir and Percussia. They each possessed one of the all-powerful golden instruments: the Golden Bugle, the Golden Lute, and the Golden Triangle. Each nation held these instruments apart from each other so the power was balanced out. It all went wrong when a dark wizard of Percussia took up the Golden Triangle and assaulted Stringdir’s capital, stealing the Golden Lute in the process. This left Stringdir without a Golden instrument, and Percussia with 2 of them. This unchecked power allowed Percussia to transform into an empire, slowly but surely conquering all of Allegria. Windyor and Stringdir banded together to fight the Percussian Empire. At the end of a long war, The Golden Bugle was taken up and clashed against the Golden Lute and Golden Triangle. This great battle left Percussia defeated, and they were forced up into Largonia, just north of Allegria. From that day, the three Golden Instruments have been scattered and hidden around Allegria, to prevent another uprising. Peace and security was restored to the land, and the Windyor-Stringdir Alliance saw prosperity once again. However, Percussia is not defeated. At the time in which the game takes place, they are beginning to assault Allegria once again in hopes of gaining back their former power. The main character is a minstrel who studied at the Bard’s College in the Northeast, and has come to Allegria to make trade. Little does he know, he is about to be entangled in the struggle between Percussia and the Alliance.



If you're interested, I encourage you to check out my website! From there, I post development updates and links to downloads. (Currently I have a demo version up for grabs to whoever wants to play it.)




If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or on my website. I haven't been able to have too many people test it, so I could use all the user feedback I can get. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and I hope I interested you!


Here's a brief introduction to the story to get you interested:

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