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Galaxy Reborn

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Game in alpha in fact ^_^
Hello guys. I've made my first video game :)
Galaxy Reborn is spaceships battle game inspired by MS-DOS video game Star Control (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Control). Star Control's battles were designed for duel mode, which mean 1-vs-1 battle. However, Galaxy Reborn is online, multiplayer and browser-based. Also you will find some AI-controlled drones while there are not much players in the game.
Currenly the rules are simple: kill each other (and AI bots), earn scores, get next ship when necessary amount of scores has been reached. Currentry there are 6 playable ship types.
Known problems
- Keyboard settings is not configurable yet.
- Drone's AI itn't too clever.
- It's too dull when there aren't enough players in the game. So go and play now! :)
- Sound doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11
- WebSocket protocol isn't fully match RFC yet, so I'm not sure if everything will work fine in all browsers. Use Google Chrome in case of some issues in your browser.
Currently I'm interested what count of players can my server handle at the same time, will it work fine, won't it crash. Also I can't wait to receive your feedback, suggestions and ideas, how and in which direction I should develop the game! :)
Keyboard controls (duplicated on the home page):
Left-right arrows - turn
Up arrow - thrust
Home / PgDn - strafe left-right
Space - fire (press or hold)
Enter - special ability (press or hold)
Mouse wheel - camera zoom
Where to play
https://galaxyreborn.com/ - open, type your name (or leave it blank), press Play!
Open Graph cover (made from game screenshot):

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