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Trouble getting very basic Direct3D program working on Nvidia 960M (stops drawing after resizing)

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Hello.  I am brand new to Direct3D 9 programming, and have made an extremely basic test program.  This program does nothing but clear the screen to a different color each frame, and report the framerate it runs it.


It runs fine on these:

* Old laptop with ATI Radeon X1400

* Intel HD graphics (tested on old i3, sandy bridge i5, and skylake i5)


But then when I try it on my NVidia card (960M with Optimus), I am having problems.

Whenever I resize the window, it stops drawing anything.  It still acts like it's drawing, no Direct3D calls fail, TestCooperativeLevel says it's okay, and it reports a huge framerate, but it doesn't actually draw anything.  If I get it back to the original window size, it starts drawing again.  It is supposed to be stretching the back buffer to the window size, not doing nothing.


I know it is usually bad form to post a bunch of source code and ask people to fix my code, but I am stumped here.  This code is very short and minimal, irrelevant things were deleted already.




I am also experiencing this problem in other simple test Direct3D programs, so this may be a driver bug?



Confirming that all the problems are due to a broken NVIDIA driver, as it works properly on an eariler version of the NVIDIA driver.  It is very frustrating when you are starting out, and things don't work, and it's the driver's fault.

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