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[Unity2D] HumanEra // BaseBuilding Game

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Hello Everyone.

I'm currently working on a Base Building Game using Unity.

It's really on the beginning stage of Development, as I'm working on the Terrain part of the Game.

And as I'm working on the game, I'm also recording and creating some DevLogs for Youtube.



Img1: Got 3 Types of Tiles Generating Randomly in a 100 x 100 Square. This was the beginning of my Game (Map)




Img2: I've started to Implement a Perlin Noise Generation at this point. And in the Bottom Left you can see some Buttons that allow you to change the Terrain Type.




Img3: Right now I'm happy with the Perlin Noise Generation I'm achieving. And as you can see I have a "Mountain Button" that is used to Place what is going to be a Mountain Tile, that Sits on Top of the Terrain (so if you mine the Mountain you still have Stone underneath)




Img4: The mountain is in Place and the Tiles now Connect to each other. I will leave them like this right now, and I'm going to start focusing on other aspects of the Game. But First I will clean my Code.




For those Interested in the Full Progress of the Game, you can Follow me on Youtube as I Post every Thursday a DevLog about this Game.

The Videos can be Found Here:

 - https://www.youtube.com/user/StereoPT


Any Feedback is appreciated, and if you are interested on a Copy of the "Game", Contact me via Youtube.

Thanks all.

> StereoPT

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