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Control Shift Dev

Control Shift - Local Multiplayer Game

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I have recently released a free beta version of a game I am working. You can find the free downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux at my itch.io page.




It is called Control shift, and it's is a fast paced local multiplayer game that focuses on strategy and reflexes. It features both co-op and versus modes, and is made for up to 4 players on split screen. The core mechanic of the game is fighting over territory in the various game modes. For instance, in the standard Control game mode, you earn score by holding onto terrain, whereas in capture the flag, enemy terrain will damage you while you carry their flag.


A small-time youtuber was very kind to make us a Let's Play video here:


I am looking for feedback on the general feel and look of the game. I would recommend using xbox controllers. You can see the controls configuration if you pause in-game (by pressing start). We will also add the same for mouse/keyboard controls in the future. Furthermore, I'd recommend trying the multiplayer modes. However, there are single player modes in the game - of which I'd recommend Invasion mode.


Feedback thus far

  • Some resolutions are a little bit broken for the HUD.
  • Menus are not clear enough.
  • HUD is not clear enough, especially for score tracking.

For regular updates, follow us on Twitter.

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