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Making an Infinite Space Sim in Unity 5 - The VOID

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Hello everyone, my name is Solokeh, and I’m with Livid Onion Games Studio. We are three man team working on an infinite space sim in the Unity 5 engine called, The VOID. I am a game programmer, working with our 3D modeler Trevor, and game designer Jay. We want to make a game in six months that never holds your hand, but never leaves you guessing. Key features are:


  • Advanced chatbot AI system

  • Trading and dynamic economy

  • Dockable fighters in capital ships

  • Elemental crafting

  • A rich and lore-filled universe

  • Large boardable stations

  • Mining space rocks with a large array of elements and compounds

  • A variety of complex alien races with individual learnable languages

  • And finally, a completely infinite universe

If you’re reading this, then we are extending an invitation to you, to join our team. That being said, let’s set some ground rules. All of your work is volunteer and open source, this game is free from the start, so money is not in the equation. You work exactly as much as you want, with no set hours. If you feel the need to leave the team for any length of time, you may do so freely. Your work under Livid Onion Games Studio is open source, and must be modified heavily if you intend to sell it. We encourage you to use The VOID on your resumes and or as an academic entrance project. Now that we have that all set, if you’re interested, send me an email at jamesebooher@gmail.com.


Positions available: 


  • Female voice actor 
  • Texture artist
  • Game designer
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