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Initiation - Story Rich 2D Platformer

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Hello everyone,

I’m here to talk to you about our latest project (Actually, it’s also the first one). The game called Initiation is a story rich 2D Platformer.




Well, we say “team” but we’re only two guys working full time on this project. My colleague is taking care of all drawings and character’s animations while I’m handling everything related to development (Using Unity). We’re not professional, to be fair, none of us knew anything about games development 6 months ago.


Before saying anything. I’ll link the trailer: 



You just saw images of our first level. All of this will be included in the beta we’re currently working on. It should be ready within a month.


Broadly speaking

The game is currently in development for a released on PC. It’s a 2D platformer game in which you will control a character in his adventure. Curiosity will be needed to lead him in his discoveries, as well as his happiness and despair.

We see the video game as a medium that allows game’s creators to express themselves and that’s why game mechanics have been made to make the game livelier, along with a captivating musical atmosphere.


The story

Alone, he's waiting. He slowly withdraws into himself, trying to reassure himself from standing on this rock. He is in despair.
The meeting of an improbable companion will arouse his curiosity. He will help him face his fears in this strange world.
All you need to do now is to join him and stay by his side during his initiatory journey.


Anything else to had?

The concept of the game is that the player will evolve in an endless changing word. There will be a direct link between colors and emotions. Both yours and his state of mind will be changed by the events. That’s what we called an Initiatory journey.


So yes, colors are on their way and the world will look very different each level. Here's the program:




Well, I’ve already said a lot. I hope you liked what you saw and read. And I hope you’re curious about this project.


If you want to know more, I’m giving you the link to our official website: http://initiationthegame.com/

You’ll find more videos, screenshots and other useful links.


We’re posting more every day on our social networks. Do not hesitate to follow us on :





Alex from Initiation

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Looks like a unique concept.  I am reminded of other recent platformers like Limbo, which had some great atmosphere.  I like the idea of colors connected with emotions, I'm interested in how that will be implemented. 

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Hey guys,

I come to you to give a bit more info on what we're currently working on.


First of all Dev bits. It's a series of short format videos. The idea is to answer some of your questions by showing you a little something we're working on. 

Since we've just find out about this forum, there are already 3 episodes.


First one was a show off of our loading screen while talking a little bit about the upcoming beta


The second one was to show you our latest creature when we finished its behaviour


The third one, released this saturday was to tell you that we've started putting parts together. You'll also see the main menu and how the game will begin.


We've also launched "Indie Dev's Life" a series of comic strips based on our daily life. Here's episode 1.



All of this is adding to our daily posts on our social networks.


I hope you guys like this. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about all of this.

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Hello everyone,
Today a lot of good stuff coming you way. In Dev Bits 4 we're talking about the lack of resources and creating our own little software because we can't afford licences
Then we spoil a little bit more about the game. I had my orbs done and I really wanted to show the results to you guys.
But wait, there is more today since we finished Indie Dev's Life 2.



As always, we hope you guys liked it. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about all of this.

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Hello everyone,
Since we're near the release of the beta, days and weeks are getting longer. This means that we're getting more and more tired every day. That's why we've decided to make this comic from Dev's Life 3.
Music is keeping us compagny when we're working. I'm really thankful about that ^^ I'm not sure we could make it without it. A thought for those of you who aren't allowed to listen to music at work.
The project is going fine. We're working on the last drawings then we should start debugging.
I also used the TextureVideo from Dev Bits 4. I like the way it looks.
We also received a very touching email last week from a fan. This guy has been inspired by our project. So he made a few musics and he sent them to us. We were like children when we read that. (We might be a little to emotional)
That's one of the musics.
I was cleaning our directories when I found this old Concept Art. One of the first we've made. It's old but I still like it so I've decided to share it with you people.
That's pretty much it for last week. Like always, we'd like to ear your opinion. So don't hesitate to tell us what you think about all of this.
Have a nice week. And good luck if you have to fight the heat!

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Hi everyone,
We had a hell of a week, filled with awesome news!
Let's start with a really good news, we had our first interview and our first article on a specialized website called GameZone! Once again thanks to Atle for this opportunity!
We've started to work on concept for next levels. Just to see what it could look like:
Then we received a mail from the StartToPlay convention in Strasbourg France. This is where the Mario Kart Championship will take place this year! We'll be present on the XenoGaming Stand the 28/08 for 10am to 2pm.
Come to see us!
Link :
The last news is that we've put the team description on our website! You can get to know us and see our pictures! Believe me, it deserves a click XD
Dont forget that there is far more to see on the website and on our social networks!
That's pretty much it for today. I hope you guys have a nice week end!

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Ladies and gentlemen,

You can now download the beta for free on the web site:http://initiationthegame.com/default.html

A few small details:
- if you find new bugs that are not listed below the download link, please contact us.
- read the list of known bugs before sending anything
- we're interested in your opinion, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what you think
- share this game with your friends, families and other everyone else you know. It's a simple game and I can assure you that your parents, brothers and sisters will like it. Gamers and non gamers can play this.
- Also my QWERTY friends, change your controls before launching the game.

Have fun

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Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I wrote you a little something. That's because a lot happened.


First of all, we've made a few updates for the beta. You can still download it for free on our website here : http://initiationthegame.com/

We fixed a lot of bugs along the way including climbs, slopes, sounds and a lot of other problems we had. Also, since a lot of you ask for it, you can now play with your gamepad controller.
As far as we know, there aren't any blocking bugs left. It should work pretty well know.
Since the beta is in a pretty good state right now, let's talk about what will happen next.
We're gonna start to work on the finale version of the game changing technologies. For example, we're going from Spriter to Spine for 2D animations. It should allow us to get a more professional results.

We're now working with a artist named Fanelia. You can check most of her work here (Mostly french website): http://www.faneliart.fr/


Just to show you a little bit of her work





We could easily say she's part of the good ones. We're helping her for a few projects and she help us with environmental drawings.


Next, we'll be doing a few conventions in the next few months. Most of them in France and one in Swiss. Here's the calendar

GGC - Geneva Gaming Convention (7 - 9 October Geneva, Swiss)


Art to play (Not sure yet - 18 - 20 november  Nantes, France)


Toulouse Game Show (26 & 27 november Toulouse, France)


Japan Touch (10 & 11 december Lyon, France)



Finally, we'll help people on two other projects. One is a "FlashBack" like with a guy living a few kilometers from us. The other is a BomberMan Like with a some interesting gameplay ideas. You'll know more about this is the upcoming month


This means there are a lof of stuff coming your way.

You can always say hi on our social networks. Twitter and Facebook at @InitiationGame. We love talking to you guys.


Regards, kisses and all!


Ps: That's a lot of english for my french little brain at 8 am on a tuesday morning. I apologize for all the mistakes.

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