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[Web] The GIF game

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We're developing a game we call The GIF game, a game where you play together using the monitor or TV as a shared screen and your mobile phones as controllers. It is a social game best enjoyed in the company of others. We have just released an early alpha demonstrating the concept and potential of this idea, and we would love some feedback! It is free for everyone and all you need to play is a browser and a smartphone.


Play here:




The idea of the one game mode that is playable right now is that all players are given seven gifs on their phone. Use these gifs to best describe the title on the main screen. The players then vote on the funniest or most appropriate gif, and a winner is decided. It plays a bit like cards against humanity.


Our plan right now is to continue polishing the first game mode we have released and add some more for variation. Currently we are three guys working on this, two programmers and one designer.


Get in touch with us however you like, through this thread, or our social media pages. As I said, we would love some feedback!












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