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Open-Source Terraria Clone

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Hello everyone!
I am here officially releasing the code for a Terraria clone that I have put about 60 hours of development into. The game was developed using Java and the LibGDX framework which allows it to be run on multiple platforms including Desktop, Android, and iOS. It was specifically designed for Android which means that optimization of rendering and processing is implemented everywhere it can be. The game will run at a solid 60 FPS.
Why am I releasing the code?
I started working on the game about 10 months ago. It started out as a project to develop a basic physics engine and then extended into a Terraria clone. Over the next 6 months I was developing the game, implementing the basic features of any open world game. Over the past 4 months however, I have been very busy with school, work, and other projects that have taken over my time. Because of this, rather than let the code sit around until I get the time to come back to it, I figured I'd give to the community and allow anyone to use and modify the code. 
The main reason that this project is open-source is to encourage community contributions and create a game centered around the development done by those in the gaming community. Contributions are heavily welcomed and I would love to see developers being able to place their own mark on the game.
Where can I find the code?
The Github repository of course! Because I want the community to work together on this game, Github is the best place for the code to sit and allow people to work together. I would love to see the additions as development progresses.
Are you giving up on the game?
No! I am simply allowing the community to contribute and I will be developing alongside them whenever I get the time!
Current Features
World Generation: Over 1,500,000 blocks in the world.
Lighting System: Efficient with almost no boundaries when placing light sources.
World Saving: The world is split into chunks and saved to the device. It can then be loaded again.
World Destruction: Break blocks using the different tools. The action joystick will place or break blocks within a certain radius dependent on the item you have in your hand.
Item System: Pick up and use items or blocks. Blocks will be placed on the ground and items, if they're tools, will destroy the environment
Entity System: Implement custom AI and entities with the entity system that is in place.
More information on the project can be found on the Github page.
Here is a video of the game in action!
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