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Kristaps Bendiks

Open source/modding style game development.

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I have that idea for procedurally generated sci-fi MMO based around designing and building stuff (previously discussed some of it here). Modding would be core part of that game. Originally the idea was to have core team that would do the basic stuff and then let modders take over the rest. Unfortunately in life things happen and now I have certain obstacles that makes it problematic.


One option would be to abandon the idea (something that most peoples usually do).

Another option would be to explore different ways to make it happen.


I will not go too deep in to the idea itself, since the point of this topic is not that. But the end result would be large scale. Tho, initially there wouldn't be any need to have lot of stuff, since most of it would be created by community. Because that's the whole point of that game.

If it gets any traction here, we later will discuss parts of it in other topics.

Look into Outerra/TitanIM projects to have better idea for direction. But that is more for game engine. Rest of the idea has more stuff in it.

Since the whole philosophy of this game would revolve around community created content, may be there are ways to develop the whole project form beginning in that style? Would have many benefits.


So, what do you think? Are there any examples out there? What would it take for you to join that project and how?

One concern is the legal side. Both for me and potential developers. That idea is kindof my IP - have to protect it. And I also have to imagine my self on the other side - how to make sure that peoples work will be rewarded and they wont be ripped off. I wouldn't rip off, I know that... but those are only my words.


It is important for me to hear from peoples who would actually be able to take part in the development. Fully and honestly. If you would want money, say it. Any legal safeguards, say it. May be some would be willing to work on it just as modding enthusiasts - ok, but even then I have ideas to monetize your work.


Remember, my aim is to find a way, rather than propose one. Nor this is job interview or something like that.

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