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[D3D12] Debug validation weirdness

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I've got a scenario where I am building a command list that involves using UAVs. The UAV is transitioned to the Unordered Access state in a prior command list, like so:


Command List A:

Transition NonPixelShaderResource -> UnorderedAccess


Command List B:

UAV barrier



more UAV barriers


Direct Queue: (A, B)


When I try and queue a UAV barrier on the later command list, I get this error spewing:


D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12CommandList::ClearUnorderedAccessViewUint: Resource state (0x0) of resource (0x00000242CA4635A0:'Histogram') (subresource: 0) is invalid for use as a unordered access view.  Expected State Bits: 0x8, Actual State: 0x0, Missing State: 0x8. [ EXECUTION ERROR #538: INVALID_SUBRESOURCE_STATE]
D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12GraphicsCommandList::ResourceBarrier: Before state (0x8) of resource (0x00000242CA4635A0:'Histogram') (subresource: 0) specified transition barrier does not match with the state (0x0) specified in the previous call to ResourceBarrier [ RESOURCE_MANIPULATION ERROR #527: RESOURCE_BARRIER_BEFORE_AFTER_MISMATCH]
Is the debug layer just over validating? Or is there actually an issue here? For one, the error doesn't really make sense, if I remove the UAV barrier call the errors stop, but my resource is definitely not in the common state (0x0). I get this error even when I create the resource in the UnorderedAccess state.
Besides, how can the debug layer know I haven't transitioned the resource properly before I call ExecuteCommandLists? A prior command list could do the transition.
Has anyone encountered this issue before?
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When do you get the message? At the "UAV barrier" call or at the execute the command lists?

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It turns out it's the UAV barrier that's barking at me, and it only seems to happen if I do a UAV barrier on a command list without first transitioning the resource to a UAV in that command list, which seems wrong.

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