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DX11 Porting Direct3D 11 to Metal : How to handle Input Layouts?

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In Metal, MTLVertexDescriptor + [[stage_in]] is very similar to input layout in DX11, but [[ stage_in ]] does not support packed vector type, why?

The problem is metal::float3 need to be align on 16Byte boundary, while metal::packed_float3 does not.

If i don't use [[ stage_in ]],  vertex buffer and constant buffer will be forced to use the same [[ buffer(...) ]] name space, while in DX11 constant has it's own namespace, which means the same cb would have to use different index in DX and metal shader.

Any suggestions? Thank you! 

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[[stage_in]] doesn't support packed types, but you can get the same effect using the properties of your vertex descriptor's attributes. For example, if you wanted [[attribute(0)]] (which might represent position) to be laid out as three packed floats followed immediately by [[attribute(1)]] (which might represent a surface normal), also consisting of three packed floats, you'd just set the formats and offsets correspondingly, ensuring that your buffer data is packed as described:

vertexDesc.attributes[0].format = MTLVertexFormatFloat3;
vertexDesc.attributes[0].offset = 0;
vertexDesc.attributes[0].bufferIndex = 0;
vertexDesc.attributes[1].format = MTLVertexFormatFloat3;
vertexDesc.attributes[1].offset = sizeof(float) * 3;
vertexDesc.attributes[1].bufferIndex = 0;
The struct that you use as the type of your stage_in vertex function parameter will still have each of these members aligned to 4 bytes, as you observe, but the properties will be fetched from the buffer according to the specified vertex descriptor, allowing you to store your data tightly packed.


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