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[Revenue Share] ThreeIce Studios looking for new members

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Hello my name is Hezekiah, I am a c# programmer, concept artist, and a game designer. I am also the CEO of Three Ice Studios, an indie studio, and I am looking for people to team up with us to work on this project we are working on called "Winter Island".


The game will have futuristic influences and anime influences as well. The genres the game falls under are science fantasy, hack 'n' slash, puzzle, space, mystery, adventure, role playing, exploration and so much more.


Here Is the Backstory:


"In the year 2020 The New Eastern Republic, A monarchy that seemingly came from nowhere (nobody knows exactly who they are, but they could originate from Africa or japan)  that took over the western hemisphere.

The rest of the world decided to retaliate and start a nuclear war with the republic. In a last ditch effort, around 1,000,000 people are placed in experimental space transportation ships that in 80 years will take them to a new galaxy called "Winter Island". In 2100 when they arrive they form the New Eastern Winter Island Republic, scatter across this galaxy and the rest is history.


Fast forward about 910 years most planets are settled, new technologies, and more unlocked mysteries are waiting to be discovered  in this new universe.


The game will mostly be about the player exploring the world, having fun, doing things that they are interested in (role playing if you would call it that)There will be lots of things to do that apply to all types of people


so if you like racing, there will be plenty of that, if you like hack 'n' slash style fighting, plenty of that also, and that goes for a lot of things as well.


We kind of want to mimic that feeling of walking into an arcade for the first time, you don't know what you want to play, but you just want to have fun and explore every single thing that it has to offer. "




Currently we need 3D artists and reliable people that are willing to learn and grow their skills as well.  We have few assets drawn up, we have setup slack and trello for more organization and communication, we have a bunch of ideas, a GDD and other assets/prototypes as well. We will be starting with pre-production on July 5th, we have 18 people in collaboration with us and we would be happy to accept any new members. :)


If anyone is  interested in this project please email us at SDWLStudios@gmail.com.

And for a full rundown of the project visit our website http://threeicestudios.x10host.com/


Best Regards,


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