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New Game Development Team / Network

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General Idea.

        Okay so the general idea here is to either make a little team of developers wanting to learn 3D game development in OpenGL but if there is any experienced developers out there wanting to spread they knowlegde, i gladly sit down, shutup and listen. 
If any of you out there is open for creating a new little team/community of new/experienced game devs let me know.
You can either PM me or write me a mail at "" and we will figure something out. 
I hope this is something people would find interresting and also i gladly share my web dev experience so you are welcome to ask any question. 

About me.

        I'm a pretty serious programmer with a background mainly in web development. For a long time i have been wanting to start 3D web development with OpenGL and i actually started my programming "carrier" with game development but quickly moved onto web development since it is a lot easier making a livin off. Now that i know all my ins and outs of web development and have a lot more programming experience i feel a lot more confident jumping into 3D game develpoment.



HTML & CSS (expert).

Javascript (expert).
PHP & MYSQL (expert).



C (some experience. was my first language but havent used since).

C# (developed a couple of unity games in it).

C++ (pretty experienced. developed my first couple of 2D games with c++ and opengl/sdl).

Java (not so experience. made a couple of small progams with it).


Python (used it alot for game plugin programming). 

Pawn (also used it a lot for game plugin programming).

Shell/bat (I have used a fair amount managing my dedicated server). 

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