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2D artist looking for people to make some game!

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Hi folks!

I'm looking for some people who need 2d artist for some indie games, here is some info about me:


- Pardon my english, it's not my native language

- I have obsolutely zero experience in making games

- little computer knowlege, 3D programs are black magic to me, and generally I prefer traditional drawing - scanning - adding some magic in 2d programs.

- I can draw very fast, or very detailic 

- Would love to contribute to some simple games like logic/adventure/horror type (example The Witch House, Submachine, Machinarium) or even a card game. I find it difficult to change/ adapt my style style of drawing to someone else, so big complex games with few visual artist are no go for me.

- I study music, so I can make some soundtracks (I'm percussionist, my brother is pianist and I have many musician friends, also I have microphones to record staff)

- I would be happy as f*ck to see my art in motion

- I don't expect any financial profit, (although it woudl be nice if the game would make some pocket money)


So, here are some examples of my staff:


- This one is some random drawings on which I tested possibilities of movie editing program (sony vegas). Sountrack is recorded/ made by myself.


- This is trailer for project I have on facebook 1000 Faces soundtrack also mine.


in next posts I gonna attach some drawings

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Those are sketches I did quite long time ago for animation I wanted to make (tommorow I will add some more drawing that are more recent)

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