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Picture locations

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It depends on what you need:

Resources - Good if you don''t want people modifying your files, but it''ll bloat your executable, and it makes data harder to edit if you have an artist on your team and whatnot (You have to recompile for every data update)

Quake-Like PAK files - Basically resource outside of the exe. Good for organizational purpose, although it might be slightly annoying to update them. A good solution for when you''re ready to release the game.

Multiple Files - Best for getting rapid work done because no extra proccesing is required. However, a bit more disorganized, and users can change/take anything they wish.

As for speed, it really doesn''t make a large difference, but pak files would probably be the quickest because you could load the entire thing with one fread() call if you wanted to.

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Thanks for the information. I just have one more question about storing pictures: should I keep each picture seperate or should I make one large picture with all of them and use coordinates?

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If you''re making a 2D game, chances are you''ll have multiple "template" files, each of which contains a set of same-size tiles (one for 32x32 tiles, one for 64x64 tiles, etc). Depending on the size of the game, you may also want to separate your template files for organization (one containing all player sprites, one for all enemy sprites, buildings, etc). Unfortuntely, I just started with 3D, so I really can''t help you with 3D information.

As for your original question, I would use Bitmaps for development, but then for release, convert them to some other format (I''m writing my own bitmap/game item converter -- eventually). PAK files are a great idea.

I don''t recommend resources for any but the smallest game just based on the fact that you have to recompile with every change, and the EXE size can get enormous if you have a lot of resources.

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