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Intermage - unique combination of sandbox and arcade

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Unique combination of sandbox and arcade

Genressandbox, arcade, adventure, RPG.
Official websiteintermage.forji.org

Vote for us on Steam Greenlight! Your support is very important, leave comments to discuss!





If you dream about breathtaking adventures, astonishing magic and marvelous secrets of the Universe, endless worlds of Intermage will be available for you soon!

Find a scroll of the Order of ancient magicians and discover ways of time and space travelling. Magic books are the keys for unknown realms. But beware: mighty enchanters keep their mysteries safe. Lots of traps and riddles wait for you ahead. 

You can build an impregnable fortress and store there all treasures and knowledge of the Universe.

Be prepared for different timelines in the worlds of Intermage. But evil doesn’t sleep,  demons and monsters hide in shadows waiting for careless wayfarers to massacre. Experience, faith and weapon will always help you to defeat dangers. Also all objects you find can be transformed into anything you want!

But don’t wait for another player’s advice. Intermage becomes special for everyone. Every world you visit is unique in its own way.


Main features


?         Combination of boundless interactive realms and unrepeatable levels.

Passing levels that contain different obstacles and puzzles opens for you new worlds to explore. Therefore, the game combines the best of sandbox and arcade. All levels and realms are procedurally generated that makes gameplay more unpredictable.


?         Books are the keys for new trials and adventures.

Collect new books. Each of them is a guide for its realm. Learn them well, make remarks and prepare for dangerous journeys.


?         Unique event mechanics.

Giant zombie crabs attack, locust invasion, nature disasters, time and space anomalies – these and other events can ruin your plans every moment. But some events can help you. Be ready for them – timeline panel and books are always at your service.


?         Random combinations of levels, events and quests.

?         Destroy or create – abilities of our sandbox are limited only by your fantasy.


Future plans

?         Co-op and multiplayer.

?         iOS and Android mobile devices full support.







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Multiplayer. Developer diaries #1


It’s nearly 5 days since our appearance on Steam Greenlight. We got a lot of comments and we’re happy to see you interested in our game! 

We’d like to tell you about our plans for the nearest future, because development is in full swing. Looks like you’re mostly interested in multiplayer, so let’s begin with it. Our main purpose now is to create multifunctional cross-platform multiplayer. It means you’d be able to play on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS or Android in the same version of our game. 

What are the main features of multiplayer in Intermage? Firstly, all of the worlds in our game’s Universe are interrelated. You can travel between them, they exist and “live” even when you aren’t there. Secondly, worlds and their count are boundless. Discover new corners of the Universe and explore them to find out, which secrets they keep. 

We’re also working on achievements and characters customization. Many achievements can be unlocked only in co-op, and customizing your character will help you to emphasize the individuality and stand out among other players. 

All worlds can be explored in a singleplayer. But when you connect to the Network, your game becomes available to other players, like you’ve opened the way to other dimensions. In multiplayer you can travel between worlds with a company of your friends. In a singleplayer – you can develop technologies, power up your character or gain knowledge about the world around you. Completing quests, solving puzzles and PVP in multiplayer are implemented on a fundamental level, because we were trying to make our sandbox fully-interactive and based on our own game engine from the beginning. 

Visit different points of the Universe, explore surface or go deeper and search for minerals, fight other players and fantastic creatures, solve puzzles and hunt treasure, craft items and build what you want. It’s just a part of what you can do on your own or together. Discover amazing worlds of Intermage. 

Thanks for the attention! :) 
Intermage developers team

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