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Seeking Original 3d Artist/ Graphic Artist

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I'm seeking a talented 3d model and graphic artist to complete an ongoing multiplayer game. Unfortunately i was working with an artist over the last 6 months on the game, but life got in the way and he cannot continue. I'm trying to find the right person to continue this project, which is planned for a steam release. I am not an amateur developer, i've been developing/programming for well over 20 years, and the game's code is 60% done at this point. It is a co-op 4 player multiplayer game vs ai, within a very limited but highly successful market.


I will explain what i can without giving too much away, but it's a 4 player co-op vs ai, in an urban decay environment. Each playthrough is unique, with the buildings and city being randomly generated from a pool of prefabs. Interactivity of buildings allows you to enter/interact with the buildings including stores, gun store, and other types. The ai that i've created does not rely on navmesh and works, like everything else, using an efficient pooling system. Almost nothing is created during runtime, everything being pooled as possible. Basically, the game allows for a unique playthrough every time, and the fun revolves around the fps co-op shooter play and objectives. There are various teamwork parts to the game, including healing/reviving each other, strategy for escapes and dealing with enemy ai. The game itself moves in phases, similar to watching a movie play out.

There is only one other game in this genre and it has done extremely well in the market, so this will be only the second offering.


When the project is complete, i will coordinate with friends i have in the industry and it will be released directly on the steam platform. The person i'm seeking is a 3d artist adept at creating and animating characters, preferrably with mocap experience, and the ability to generate graphic artwork for menus and future promo ads and such. The person i'm seeking will be dedicated to finish the project, share in the revenue, and use that revenue to build our own game company from the ground up. Lofty goals i'm sure you are thinking, but I am no average developer and i have many friends in the top of the industry that will help get the game the attention it will deserve. Normally a game like this would be a small team of people, but i feel that two people can make this game happen, due to the fact that the maps themselves are not pre-made and time consuming. Future game updates will revolve around creating more prefab assets to include into the RNG creation of maps and map features. The game will continually evolve with more assets being added as content updates. Keep in mind I already have most of this work done.


The art style if i had to estimate it would be similar to urban chaos: riot response or tmnt the movie game. i'm not going for hyperrealism. I'm going for an art style that is a bit "gamey" but fun to look at, a more graphic art style mixed with semi-realism / comic book.


Please PM me so we can chat, looking forward to meeting you.



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