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land troops for ww2 naval game

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Im doing a naval/pirate game set in a ww2 setting. Focus is on the ships but you can also collect/recruit forces to conquer ports. Im not sure how detailed this will be but probably only autoresolve these "battles".


Transports/troop transports can host many land units, but im thinking cargo ships can be refitted to also transport some land units. Warships cannot transport any land units.



                            attack/defend  port (combat strenght)

Recruit/militia      2 / 2

Rifleman             3 / 3

Machinegunner    3 / 6

Marine                6 / 3

Mechanized inf.  40 / 60     (10 cargo space)

Tank                  140 / 80   (20 cargo space)


What do you think? Is it strange to have "tanks"? Basically you steer your convoy of ships on the world map. When you attack a town you first must defeat the ships defending the port and then release your land units to combat the opponents land units.


Maybe having infantry ONLY makes more sense if combat is in the ports, and almost "directly from the transports"?


Feedback is appreciated!


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Engineers maybe?  (Or depending on how abstract your system is, you can instead give them some ability to cancel defenses)

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Sounds like Civilization (4 or earlier) system of transport and battleships.


But I think you should also consider coastal defences (cannon?) in addition to ships. And maybe you can spice up with marine like units having special abilities for direct attack or so.

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